Airbourne, Crobot and more at O2 Academy (2016)

O2 Academy (Leeds, UK)

Airbourne, Crobot, The Franklys
  If you love heavy metal, beer and Australians then this is the show to […]
By Emily Coulter
November 22, 2016


If you love heavy metal, beer and Australians then this is the show to be at. Australian rockers AIRBOURNE have hit Leeds Academy tonight on their ''Breakin Outta Hell'' tour taking their beer fuelled carnage around the country. Supporting the band are all female group THE FRANKLYS and psychadelic rockers CROBOTS.

First on is THE FRANKLYS who destroy the concept of ''women can't rock'' within 2 minutes of being on stage. They're loud, wild and know how to create killer riffs. The set is short and the crowd is small but they don't care, they still play loud and heavy with true passion.


This band certainly know how to open the stage, easily one of the best female groups around with their stage presence as they are never in the same spot. THE FRANKLYS are for anyone who loves great rock n roll with a female edge, it's hard to compare them to any band due to being so unique.
Next is CROBOT who are incredibly energetic and psychadelic. If you love bands like LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH, CLUTCH and MONSTER MAGNET then you would love this band. Vocalist Brandon Yeagley is easily one of the most energetic & charismatic modern rock vocalists around, he woo's the crowd with tracks like ''Not For Sale'' and ''Welcome To Fat City'' which has the crowd head bobbing to the riffs.


If you're not into this style of rock then this is still a band to witness live, no one stays in the same place and the bassist is running around so much it's amazing he hasn't fell over. Expect big things to come from CROBOT; this is a band that are unmissable.


Next is the band the crowd have all been waiting for, the almighty australian's AIRBOURNE. If you haven't heard of them before then they can only be described as the love child of AC/DC and MOTORHEAD. Roaring on to the stage with ''Ready To Rock'' and ''Too Young, Too Much To Fast''  getting the already excited crowd singing to every word.
If you don't like being covered in warm and sticky beer then you shouldn't be at a AIRBOURNE show, Joel O'Keeffe sprays the crowd with beer after cracking a can on his head during ''Chewin' The Fat'' which is tradition every time they play live.


New tracks from the latest album ''Breakin' Outta Hell'' and ''Down On You'' went down well with fans old and new. The set list comprises of songs from every album, it's a show that doesn't disappoint and the only let down being that it didn't last longer! Airbourne close the set with an encore of ''Live It Up'' and ''Runnin' Wild'' which had the crowd going crazy.


1. Ready To Rock
2. Too Much Too Young Too Fast
3. Chewin The Fat
4. Rivalry
6. Girls In Black
7. It's All For Rock N Roll
8. Down On You
9. Breakin Outta Hell
10. No Way But The Hard Way
11. Stand Up For Rock And Roll
12. Live It Up
13. Runnin' Wild

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