1914, Asagraum and more at Mulfingen (2019)

Mulfingen (Mulfingen–Buchenbach, Germany)

1914, Asagraum, Azarath, Dark Fortress, Ellende, Entgeist, Godskill, Groza, Harakiri For The Sky, Kalmah, Noctem, Obscenity, Rotten Pope, Slechtvalk, Vader
  Size isn't necessarily everything. Especially when it comes to Metal festivals, the smaller ones […]
By Erika Kuenstler & Sarunas Dreseris
July 26, 2019


Size isn't necessarily everything. Especially when it comes to Metal festivals, the smaller ones can often be far more fun. A perfect example of this is BOARSTREAM OPEN AIR, a small German festival that nevertheless features some phenomenal bands each year. Taking place during the last weekend of July, this tiny festival packs plenty of punch, with a completely explosive line-up in a familiar and beautiful location.

For those who have already been at a few festivals this year might have already had the pleasure of catching 1914, such as at their first ever German show at Dark Troll Festival in May. This Ukranian Death/Doom band relies heavily on World War I influences in their music, and deliver a show that is both spell-binding and macabre, leaving you with an unforgettable performance guaranteed to give you goose bumps.  One of the absolute personal highlights of the festival is NOCTEM, a little-known but excellent Blackened Death Metal band hailing from Spain, who play all too seldomly in Germany. This will be the perfect opportunity to catch them and get a taste of what is to come in November, when they release their long-anticipated new album "The Black Consecration". Another outstanding band which still lurks in the shroud of obscurity is ELLENDE, an Austrian Ambient Post-Black Metal outfit. With this band, captivating melodies come cascading from the stage, as you lose yourself in the soundscapes they magically weave with their music. Definitely not a show to be missed. And in addition to these more underground bands are some bigger names that are also worth seeing. For example, Finish Melodic Death/Swamp Metal band KALMAH always put on an irresistible performance that will go straight to your feet and have you moshing along in no time. And let's not forget the Polish titans of Death Metal, VADER: their pummelling riffs will tear right into you, obliterating all with their powerful music. Another Austrian band to look out for are the Post Black Metal masters HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, who have an uncanny ability to draw you into their mesmerising music. Also sure to put on a blistering concert is German Black Metal veterans, DARK FORTRESS, who have, over the years, honed their music into an art. In addition to all these stellar shows are some less-known bands, who are nevertheless certain to put on captivating and memorable Black and Death Metal shows.

And that's just the line-up; the festival has far more to offer than just this. In addition to the usual camping, there are several other options available for those who don't want to camp, some as close as 300m away from the festival. One thing if you are camping though: be sure to collect your trash during the festival, as this can magically be transformed into some awesome loot. If you hand in your trash bags at the beer tent on the Sunday morning, you get a surprise goody bag, containing all sorts of cool stuff. For all this, a weekend festival-pass will only set you back €50, which is more than reasonable for such a great selection of bands. And if all of this hasn't convinced you yet, this is your last opportunity to catch BOARSTREAM OPEN AIR in the near future. Due to restructuring within the organising club, the next instance of the festival will only be in 2021. With the festival selling out in advance for the last five years in a row, this is possibly your last chance to get your tickets to this small yet amazing festival. Metal Temple looks forward to seeing you there!

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