YAGON: Atmospheric Black Metal Project Signs With Wormholedeath For The Reissue Of "A Raven's Tale"

One-man atmospheric black metal project YAGON is pleased to announce the signing of a deal […]
February 27, 2023

One-man atmospheric black metal project YAGON is pleased to announce the signing of a deal with Wormholedeath Records for the reissue of the EP "A Raven's Tale." Originally produced, mixed, and mastered by Jaroslav Celujko of Jaro Sound, the EP will be made available to a wider audience on March 31st, 2023 via Wormholedeath Records.

Band Statement

I am proud to announce that atmospheric/black/doom metal ' Yagon - signed with Wormholedeath. The new EP ' A Raven's Tale will be released under their wings. Since a very young age, I have breathed and lived black metal. My greatest inspiration and influence have been ' atmospheric/epic/doom metal ' Mist of Misery, epic metal ' Summoning, and doom metal ' Rapture. These bands captured the very essence of sadness in my opinion and brought their stories to a musical stage.

At last, my dreams to rise and spread sorrow and great music have come true. Wormholedeath is giving me the opportunity to fulfill my destiny to leave my footprint as an artist.

As a one-man band, I used my deepest emotions, self-learned playing skills, unique vocal sounds, and thousands of hours of listening to deep and filled with sorrow musical masterpieces to finally create my own path. My goal is to express my most personal inner thoughts and give my music life.

Yagon is working on a new full album. My greatest wish is to recruit talents that will "speak" my language and join me to on my dark journey.

Yagon draws inspiration from atmospheric, epic, and doom metal, with influences such as Mist of Misery, Summoning, and Rapture. Yagon is passionate about capturing the essence of sadness and bringing it to life through his music. "A Raven's Tale" EP is a perfect example of this, featuring a unique blend of atmospheric black metal that is both melancholic and haunting.

As a one-man band, Yagon has poured his deepest emotions, self-taught playing skills, and unique vocal sounds into his music, resulting in a unique sound that is both deeply personal and resonant with fans of the genre. With the support of Wormholedeath Records, Yagon now has the opportunity to share his music with a wider audience and fulfill his destiny as an artist.

Yagon is currently working on a new full album and is seeking out talented musicians who share his passion for dark, sorrowful music. His goal is to recruit fellow travelers who can "speak" his language and join him on his musical journey.

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Don't miss out on the EP teaser video, which offers a glimpse into Yagon's dark and beautiful world.

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"A Raven's Tale" tracklist

1)A Raven's Tale
2)Kindred Souls
3)Cassiel - A Fallen Angel
4)Shadow and Light
5)This Mortal Grasp

WormHoleDeath Records
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