XATHRITES: Joins Sliptrick Records

Xathrites are an atmospheric DSBM band showering down the blades of beauty through the wilderness […]
May 30, 2023

Xathrites are an atmospheric DSBM band showering down the blades of beauty through the wilderness of Iraq. They were formed in 2005, when the project started and it was all about playing raw black metal music. Then there was war, and it was like living in a ghost city. Everyday experiencing the grief of a loved one's death. Imagine walking down the street and the change was really obvious. The air was hard to breathe, the sky turned gray and the atmosphere of depression showed on every face. No one would ever be happy again. Xathrites focused all its sadness, hate, grief and depression into its music, the riffs sounded more doomy and sad, the lyrics talked about these themes and the band turned to depressive black metal.

The group were greatly scarred by the war and were forced to flee their home country. Given the danger that creating this type of music represented in its cultural environment, the band was put on hold for years. In 2013, the first self-produced album was released, which totaled more than a million views before being censored by Youtube in regards to the suggested themes. The notoriety of Xathrites exploded but the difficult conditions in which the founder of the band lived prevented him from moving forward. A new album was released in 2020, which was well received, totalling several ten thousands of views. The latest album was released in November 2022, once a new line-up was put together, with a higher production quality than the previous albums.

The new album No Room For Another Wound will be released via Sliptrick Records in 2023.

Xathrites are:
Whirlwind ' Vocals/Guitar | Alex Basher ' Lead Guitar | Ronce ' Drums | Wendigo ' Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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