X-TINXION: Release new video; Will join SIX FEET UNDER on the "X-MAS IN HELL TOUR" and further dates in the UK with METAPRISM

While the coming months are booked with a series of exciting live shows, joining SIX […]
October 4, 2017

While the coming months are booked with a series of exciting live shows, joining SIX FEET UNDER on their X-MAS IN HELL TOUR and crossing the channel to do 3 shows with UK-metallers METAPRISM and GRAVIL*the female fronted Thrash Metal bandis now releasing their new music video for the track "SURVIVORS OF HELL".

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In the video for Survivors Of Hell we see a prisoner, who is forced to play a game of chess, while a game leader tries to manipulate and control his moves through a computer.

The song serves as a metaphor for modern warfare. It is about the insanity of warfare being coordinated from afar. Humans slaughtering one another via drones and computers. On the one hand this makes wars clean and remote, almost like a computer game, on the other hand, there is still the harsh and brutal reality of people getting killed. Those are the 'survivors' in the song, the pawns and hence the victims who have no control over what is happening on the battle ground.

Catch X-Tinxion LIVE for some furious Thrash Metal, dominated by a stunning contrast between deep death grunts, and clean, yet super aggressive sounding vocals at the following dates in the UK together with Metaprism and Gravil*:

19/10/2017 The DEV London United Kingdom
20/10/2017 Sound Circus* Bournemouth United Kingdom
21/10/2017 The Cobblestones* Bridgwater United Kingdom

Metaprism, X-Tinxion & Graviton UK dates

or later this year in December, when they are hitting the road in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland on the X-MAS IN HELL TOUR with Six Feet Under, Incite, Nucleust and Infernal Tenebra:

07/12/2017 Poppodium Gebouw-T Bergen op Zoom The Netherlands
08/12/2017 Gladhouse Cottbus Germany
09/12/2017 Alte Spinnerei Glauchau Germany
10/12/2017 Kultur Palast Hamburg Germany
11/12/2017 tba tba Germany
12/12/2017 Posthalle Würzburg Germany
13/12/2017 Wooz Club Bülach Switzerland
14/12/2017 Backstage Munich Germany
15/12/2017 L.A. Live Style Cafe Cham Germany
16/12/2017 MS Connexion Complex Mannheim Germany

Monica (vocals)
Conrad (guitar)
Sepp (guitar)
Kornee (bass guitar)
Peter (drums)


News reported by:Jean-François "Thrashing Assault" Briard


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