WUODAN'S WUNDE: Exclusive Stream Of the New Album, "Es glimmt empor aus ewger Nacht"

"We base our music on a certain ethos we gave to ourselves. Our actions, those […]
January 14, 2023

"We base our music on a certain ethos we gave to ourselves. Our actions, those we take and those we do not take, are based on that. Wuodan's Wunde and other projects associated with each other are not bound to social presence in any way" – explains Wuodan's Wunde the nature of both his project and the upcoming debut LP.

Focusing listeners on the feelings of nostalgia through one big experience – understanding music created with the spirit of myth, textures of lo-fi soundscapes and elements of early/medieval music . "Wuodan's Wunde came through those channels: The aural aesthetics first, then melodic and harmonic work of Black Metal, Dunegon Synth and Early Music, and last but not least, the underlying conceptual work, the myth and poetry" – explains the musician.

"The release is called "Es glimmt empor aus ewger Nacht", German for "It glows upwards from eternal night" –describes the artist referring to the popular Nibelungen myth. Putting bits and pieces from german poetry alongside with the texts of ancient myths, Wuodan's Wunde managed to create the whole world inside of five compositions featured on the LP - a world of old wisdom and doom-laden prophecies.

Coming from Austrian black-metal scene, Wuodan's Wunde describes his relations to the genre as 'possession' saying: 'It has always been the genre I felt most closely'. The newest release also became the experiment for musician. Stepping from traditional methods of works and exploring different work-ethics.

"I composed the music on the keyboard, like I would compose film music. Film music is another strong musical influence for me, and I think this is why Wuodan's Wunde is not reclutant to create a tangible and consistent imagery" – refers the artist talking about the process from a standpoint of sound-design.

"The 1924 movie by Fritz Lang on the Nibelungen myth played a vital role in setting the visual tone of the project" – marks Wuodan's Wunde, also stressing that Lang's historic works has passed through the prism and ethos of black-metal and dungeon synth.

"The deliberate unsteady, organic wavering, the warm micro-shifting of pitch, put through cold distortion and otherworldly lo-fi transformation into something both strange and familiar".

Album Stream:

With the base of synth sounds and various authentic instruments united with Lo-Fi processing and analogue synthesizers, Wuodan's Wunde united two polarities adding the necessary depth and harmony. And stepping away from dogmatic black-metal exploring medieval magic.

"I hope to paint a picture with this eclectic approach and eccentric reflection of my influences, enough for the listener to connect his/her own dreams and visions to my grainy, noisy imperfect soundscapes. Instead of making up line-ups, artist names etc." – musician stresses: "I choose to tell my story in this way and keep info about the personnel in secrecy."

Wuodan's Wunde debut 'Es glimmt empor aus ewger Nacht' is coming out January, 16th 2023 via Altare Productions.

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