WULFHEIM: Inks Deal With DARKNESS WITHIN & New Album "Crowland" Coming September 22nd

We are really pleased to announce the incorporation of Wulfheim to the Darkness Within roster, […]
September 19, 2015

We are really pleased to announce the incorporation of Wulfheim to the Darkness Within roster, the rawest and most underground division of Darkwoods.

It was something quite expected after the amazing reception of Svartden, one of his side projects raised along with the guys of Werther, and whose debut EP Black, actually almost sold-out, was released at the beginning of the year through Darkness Within as well.

Attempt to describe Wulfheim's music is not an easy task, despite over the years he has managed to develop one of the easiest recognized sound of the world-wide black metal scene for its absolutely extreme ferocity and cruelty. Naming as reference the most violent days of bands such as Marduk or Dark Funeral is just a huge understatement, believe me. Never before black metal reached those levels of speed, rawness or crudity, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, such extreme as Wulfheim, is one of those bands that you hate to the death or inevitably adore forever.

And as first step in this collaboration, we are going to release, for the first time in physical format, his best opus up-to-date, Crowland, his amazing second full-length album, a gem of eight really intense trademark songs, including the most extreme cover version ever done of the Gods Bathory, an album that until now could be only listened, and with a really bad sound, in digital format.

Crowland Track List:

01. Overture: The Crowland Chronicles
02. De Lacrimae Veterum
03. Throne of Silence
04. The Symphonies of Thy Grief
05. Crowland
06. Here Lies My Name
07. Massacre (Bathory cover)
08. Epilogue: The Grotesque


09. Griefhymn
10. Hvarfheim

Obviously this will not be an ordinary release, it will come with a new and really dark artwork half-done between our usual designer, el dios perezoso, and Wulfheim himself, including for the first time the amazing logo drawn for the band by the magician Christophe Szpajdel just a couple of months ago, and it will take as bonus the 2-tracks unreleased EP Hvarfheim, as the rest of the opus, released for the first time on physical format.

As an advance, you can enjoy now Throne of Silence, the third full song taken from that great opus called Crowland...

The first edition will be, as usual on Darkwoods releases, limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies on a deluxe and exclusive 3-panel digi-file with high gloss finish and the CD comes in shining black polycarbonate, in other words, a true gem of black gold for your collection. Due to your insistence and the swiftness with which our special editions are sold-out, this time will be a second edition in the classic black jewel-box format, with a 6-page booklet and a slightly higher press-run, but also limited, to 200 hand-numbered copies.

Crowland will see the black light of the night on next Tuesday, September the 22nd, although preorders are already being accepted through our website...

For more information: www.darkwoods.eu

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