WOWS: Post Metal band announce new album to be out in April

Italian post metal ensemble WOWS returns with a new album. The band announce the release […]
February 14, 2020

Italian post metal ensemble WOWS returns with a new album. The band announce the release of what they have been working on for quite a long time, a new album called Ver Sacrum, which follows their previous album AION. The two albums come five years apart and the band has already shared a few details about this new work.

In a note, members of WOWS comment:
"Ver Sacrum is a celebration of the path that goes from destruction trough complete nothingness, to a slow rebirth and to destruction again in an infinite cycle. The whole album is mostly a studio live recording to preserve the rage and the deep emotions deriving from the unity of the band. No overdubs, just pure live action. Ver Sacrum wants to push the boundaries set with AION and go further in the atmospheric research as well as in the aggressiveness of the live performance. WOWS' unique blend of post black, post hardcore and post metal is at his best expression in Ver Sacrum, although we still considers the live dimension as the best manifestation of the songs."

The songs in the new album are:

Elysium 3.20
Mythras 9.00
Vacuum 6.22
Lux Æterna 13.38

The artwork is an original painting by Paolo Girardi, drawn on specifics from the band and from suggestions of the artist.

Ver Sacrum was Recorded by Enrico Baraldi and Luca Tacconi at Sotto il Mare Studios, mixed by Enrico Baraldi at Waiting Room Audio and mastered by Claudio Adamo and Enrico Baraldi at Fonoprint.

There's a guest on the album. Giulia Parin Zecchin (Julinko) who sang on Elysium.

WOWS' new studio effort is seeing the light on April 3rd via Dio Drone, Shove Records, Coypu Records, Hellbones Records.

Last, but not least, the band is announcing the first tour dates to promote Ver Sacrum:

10 april - Arci Dalló (Mantova)
11 april - Titty Twister (Firenze)
12 april - Bahnhoff Live (Padova)
13 april - Mikasa (Bologna)

w/ Hate&Merda, Wojtek


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