WORLD WAR IX: New Album, Tour Dates And Music Video For "Exhibit AA"

What happens when the founding member of one of New York City's drunkest punk bands […]
April 22, 2015

What happens when the founding member of one of New York City's drunkest punk bands decides to hang up his six pack and go sober? Well, feast your eyes and ears on this crushing new 5 song EP and 32 page full color comic book, dual release behemoth, and find out!

Now armed with a lead guitar player, the songs that are nothing less than hook drenched, anthemic howls of redemption, bash sonic barriers previously unimagined by these blokes from Brooklyn.

And while you're putting the pieces of your blown brain back into your head, crack open the comic and gaze upon the tumultuous tale of what it was like for the band's fretful leader to tour across the U.S., a mere 90 days into his recovery from a life torn apart by his previous partners in crime, beer and whiskey.

"Brooklyn-based trash punks World War IX play sing/shout-a-long riddled, snarky-themed songs that are rarely longer than a minute and thirty seconds."-STEREOKILLER

"!Sardonic, hardcore punk in the spirit of Damaged-era Black Flag."-BROOKLYN ROCKS

Watch the music video for "Exhibit AA" here:

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Tour Dates:
5/15 Philadelphia, PA- Kung Fu Necktie
5/16 Charlotte, NC-The Milestone
5/17 Atlanta, GA-Dragon's Den
5/18 Nashville, TN-Betty's Bar & Grill
5/19 Louisville, KY-Third Street Dive
5/20 Cincinnati, OH-Last House On The Left
5/21 Pittsburg, PA-The Shop
5/22 Cleveland, OH-Spitfire Saloon
5/23 Buffalo, NY-Stamps

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