WOLFHORDE: To release debut album "Towards The Gates of North", lyric video Fimbulvetr out now

Wolfhorde is a Folk Metal band from Finland. The music of the band is a […]
November 29, 2015

Wolfhorde is a Folk Metal band from Finland. The music of the band is a chaotic combination of the opposites: distorted and clean, electric and acoustic, heavy and soft, fast and slow, cheerful and melancholic. It gives something for the easy listener, but involves surprisingly complicated twists and turns. Towards The Gates of North is an album made out of all these elements.

The theme of Towards The Gates of North is not original. In fact, the viking mythology is commonly used or even overused in the genre. Regardless, this album takes you on this Nordic journey from the beginning of the end to the beginning of a new world ' The North beyond the gates, unspoiled by the reach of men. Instead of telling stories of great heroes fighting battles in a fantasy land, the story behind Towards The Gates of North is a more down to earth and unscrupulous. This musically beautiful concept album inspired by the northern atmosphere and landscapes was forged and carved out of sad and gruesome stories about the end of the world in the viking heritage and mythology.

Lyric video Fimbulvetr available here: https://youtu.be/89egALo8rao

The album is released January 22nd 2016 via Inverse Records.

Track list:
1. Vegvísir
2. Fimbulvetr
3. Taivaankappaleiden Kato
4. Death Long-Due
5. The Retribution
6. Unyielding
7. Boundless Agony
8. Lycomania
9. The Gates of North

Werihukka ' Guitar and other instruments
Hukkapätkä ' Vocals and drums
Nuoskajalka ' Bass


Inverse Records
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