WITHERED: Sign To Season Of Mist Records

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of Withered. The American dark extremists […]
November 17, 2015

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of Withered. The American dark extremists will release their next full-length on the label in 2016.

Regarding the signing, Withered comment: "We are proud to work with a label like Season of Mist, which is truly committed to supporting extreme metal. Withered's character and passion will be well represented by the Season of Mist team. After three years of evolution, our breath has deepened to fuel our musical exploration, and our growth, past the most brutal of expectations. We'll see YOU on tour soon!"

Withered were formed by Mike Thompson and Chris Freeman in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America in 2003, when their long running crust/grind band, Social Infestation went on an indefinite hiatus.

Moving away from social awareness, the duo turned to explore the vastness of humanity's capacity for suffering. Wes Kever (Puaka Balava) was recruited on drums and Greg Hess (Leech Milk) on bass.

Withered released an untitled 3-song demo and immediately began touring the Eastern US. The critically acclaimed debut album 'Memento Mori' followed late 2005. Wes and Greg left on good terms and were replaced by local musicians Mike Longoria and Beau Brandon (Waited).

After more touring, sophomore full-length "Folie Circulaire" came out in 2008, which garnered high critical praise and many end of the year charts. Withered had entered darker realms by combining Scandinavian black and death metal elements with their crust/grind heritage.

'Folie Circulaire' carved out the first steps of an evolutionary musical path that continues until today. Dylan Kilgore (Waited) stepped in for Chris Freeman, who could not proceed with the band's heavy touring schedule.

After a term on the road, the third album 'Dualitas' (2010) witnessed Withered pushing their unorthodox song craftsmanship and extreme genre bending farther than ever and introduced more esoteric philosophy elements to extend the limits of introspective discovery.

Another grueling touring cycle took its toll. Dylan and Mike Longoria left their posts. Brandon and Thompson had already roughed in a few new songs and completed the framework for their fourth full-length with Ethan McCarthy (Primitive Man) taking over vocal and guitar duties.

Lacking the accustomed bass presence, Withered called upon Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice) to fill the void left by Longoria. After completing their forthcoming album, the band teamed up with Season of Mist for a 2016 release.

Evolution is their only constant.

Line-up Is:

Ethan McCarthy: Vocals & Guitars
Mike Thompson: Vocals & Guitars
Colin Marston: Bass
Beau Brandon: Drums

Seasons Of Mist
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