Is a heavy hard rock band with soulful female vocals. With a juicy mix of […]
January 19, 2016

Is a heavy hard rock band with soulful female vocals. With a juicy mix of soul, blues, rock, metal and a splash of punk. The band has a gritty 70's attitude in the music with the scent of modern hard rock. It's classic rock for a modern audience with an energy beyond the usual thanks to a tight sound with powerful and explosive vocals with a taste of classic rock. The listener will be touched.

Whipping Princess was born out of the mire in 2010 when Karl and Jenny wanted to try to find a way out of the common threads and create something new from the heart. Since December 2010, when Simon joined the band, WP worked hard on the new material and to come out to be seen on the roads.

Since its inception, drummers have come and gone who sometimes pulled in different directions and in the summer of 2015 Michael came into the band, he proved to be a great addition musically and as a person. Since a long time Whipping Princess had a desire to add one more guitarist, which is a piece of the puzzle that also fell into place in the fall of 2015 when Patrik joined the band.
With all these shards in place, it has become a good stable foundation. In the late summer of 2015 Whipping Princess singed a new record deal with Metalapolis Records, Germany, after ending the contract with a label in Canada. In March 2016, the first CD "Birth Of Rage" will be released. It is a re-release, having previously been released in 2014 with the first label. This time, the disc will be released both as a CD and Vinyl. With this new contract, a signing for two records to be released with an option on a third. At present WP is working on album number two. New material rushes forward in a good way in this squad.

There will be a European tour through France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands between 22/2 - 28/2 2016. Which is a pre-taste of what's to come with the album release. Also further plans for more touring will be revealed soon. Gigs in Sweden are also in the making.


Let You And Me Be One (EP) - 2011
Laughing At You / Child In Vain (single) - 2013

Whipping Princess Members:
Jenny Jonasson - Vocals
Simon Söderberg - Guitars
Patrik Svelander - Guitars
Karl Hinterleithner - Bass
Michael J Strandh - Drums

Whipping Princess Press
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