WHILE HEAVEN WEPT: New Trailer ("About The Recordings") On Suspended At Aphelion Released

Virginia's long running epic metal legends are commemorating their 25th year with the release of […]
October 8, 2014

Virginia's long running epic metal legends are commemorating their 25th year with the release of their sixth full length album »Suspended At Aphelion« via Nuclear Blast this October.

Today the band releases the fourth album trailer, with vocalist Rain Irving and guitarist Tom Phillips giving a recap of the recording sessions of »Suspended At Aphelion«.

Commented guitarist, keyboardist & vocalist Tom Philips: "We've always pushed ourselves with every recording that we've done - to capture better performances, higher fidelity, greater clarity in sound and expression; sometimes this tests the resolve of everyone involved - some aspects are brutally painful or tedious...and there's no avoiding this - however, on another hand »Suspended At Aphelion« was a very easy album to realize on account of us heeding the music itself, being quite prepared, and an efficient studio experience due in no small part to Kevin 131. The mission was to deliver a dynamic, expressive, natural/organic album, and I believe we have succeeded in doing just that."

About WHILE HEAVEN WEPT's upcoming album - comprised of a single track divided into 11 parts - guitarist & songwriter Tom Phillips has previously stated:"We all have dreams, aspirations, and desires. Most of us pursue them with passion... with all the strength, faith, and hope that we can find inside of ourselves. Unfortunately, sometimes this isn't enough, and we ultimately have to come to terms with that which is unreachable. »Suspended At Aphelion« is the story of one such dream, but it will resonate differently for each listener. We all have our suns that remain untouchable."

More on »Suspended At Aphelion«:

Trailer #1: https://youtu.be/MCADIdgye1A
Trailer #2: https://youtu.be/V7AQCGfbvoA
Trailer #3: https://youtu.be/vnbkd7aOeNM

The cover art for »Suspended At Aphelion« was once again created by Gustavo Sazes (MORBID ANGEL, ARCH ENEMY etc), and three separate audio masters were optimized for LP, CD, and digital download formats.

»Suspended At Aphelion« is undoubtedly their most ambitious, epic, and progressive album so far featuring a single track divided into 11 parts, performed by the entire »Fear Of Infinity« line-up as well as several esteemed guests, includingFATES WARNING alumni drummer Mark Zonder and co-founding guitarist Victor Arduini - uniting two eras of FATES WARNING for the first time ever.

Enjoy the lyric video for 'Icarus And I' here: https://youtu.be/nxCeC3Mxqxw
»Suspended At Aphelion« tracklisting:

I: Introspectus
II: Icarus And I
III: Ardor
IV: Heartburst
V: Indifference Turned Paralysis
VI: The Memory Of Bleeding
VII: Souls In Permafrost
VIII: Searching The Stars
IX: Reminiscence Of Strangers
X: Lifelines Lost
XI: Retrospectus

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT also reunited with producer/engineer Kevin "131" Gutierrez (RAVEN, DECEASED, DYSRHYTHMIA) at Assembly Line Studios for the recording of »Suspended At Aphelion« 12 years after creating their classic »Of Empires Forlorn« album together, solidifying an already strong team for their most epic of epics!

»Suspended At Aphelion« will be released by Nuclear Blast on October 24th (EU) and November 18[sup]th[/sup] (USA).

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