What You Can Do To Learn To Appreciate Metal Music?

Metal is a type of rock which first became popular in the late 60s in […]
March 31, 2020

Metal is a type of rock which first became popular in the late 60s in the UK. Its origins stem from blues rock and roll and psychedelic bands. Bands used highly amplified guitar distortion, extended guitar solos, heavy drum beats, and aggressive vocals with high volumes. This is what distinguishes the metal genre from others. Early metal bands include Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. Nowadays, metal has evolved into several subgenres. Thrash metal is usually high paced with intensive drumming and low register guitar riffs. Lyrics of thrash metal talks about social issues and are usually anti-establishment.

Death metal involves heavily distorted and low-tuned guitars with powerful drumming double kick and blast techniques. Vocals of death metal are usually violent and gore. Other variations of metal exist like metalcore which mixes rock, rap, and metal. Screamcore involves the metal sound with screaming lyrics. The general consensus is that to distinguish metal from the rock you have to look at the faster beats per minute and loudness. Having said that most people can take the following steps to get to know and appreciate metal music.

Get Rid Of Preconceptions About The Genre

Most people have misconceptions that metal is all about screaming into a microphone with no real substance behind it. Some people believe that metal music is demonic and worship of satan due to how most metalheads dress. As with anything in life if you have a negative perception about something before even trying it is very likely that you will not enjoy it. So the first step to enjoying metal music is to get rid of these negative perceptions because metal musicians are experts at their respective instruments and have been playing them for years. In fact, it can be argued that since the metal genre is such fast-paced music it requires to have an even more in-depth knowledge of the main instruments which include the electric guitar, drums, and keyboard. Most metal music also has a lot of depth behind their lyrics once you get past the 'screaming' portion. A lot of times the lyrics talk about important topics such as politics, philosophy, love, history, religion, and fantasy. The controversial topics in metal music that have to do with war and violence most of the time take the form of social criticism and not condone them.

Focus On Listening To The Music

Most metal music is best appreciated when listening to it and fully focusing on the technicalities of the music and its lyrics. It is not a genre you just leave in the background to play. In the beginning, it may be difficult to comprehend the lyrics or understand all of them, so it is recommended to google them and read them while the music is playing. More than one listen to an album might be required for one to fully appreciate the genre or its subgenres because oftentimes the groove does not rely on catchy background hooks to attract the listener. It is also worth it to give a listen to different bands or subgenres of metal that can have other genres like rap or rock mixed into it.

Find Own Way To Enjoy Metal Music

Sometimes to fully appreciate metal music you need to get more hands-on experience. One way this can be done is through absorbing the whole culture by going to a metal show to watch a performance live and maybe take part in a mosh pit amongst an electric crowd. According to the experts from myaudiolover.com to fully enjoy metal, you can visit for more information on the website which shows all the must-have proper sound systems such as speakers or headphones that can output a very loud volume with bass. Having a loud sound system is essential for metal music because it is supposed to be listened to at very loud noise intervals to fully appreciate the energy at which the vocalist is singing. You may also choose to start learning and playing an instrument yourself to fully appreciate just how difficult it could be if you want to play with a very fast-paced rhythm.

To appreciate metal music you should not force yourself to listen to things you do not like such as death growls or high pitched vocals but before you begin to criticize it you should give it a chance by getting rid of all your perceived misconceptions and finding your own ways in which you can enjoy it like going to concerts and learning to play an instrument like a metalhead. Fully submerging yourself into the culture and learning about the different subgenres of metals is important to find your own niche that you will surely love.

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