WE ARE SENTINELS: "Kingdom in Winter" Video.

It is time, o true believers, to take you far away into the world of […]
May 30, 2018

It is time, o true believers, to take you far away into the world of We Are Sentinels, a grim, fantastic kingdom of hidden mysteries, stalwart heroes and bone-gnawing cold. It is here that you're presented with the first music video from the upcoming album We Are Sentinels, and where we leave you to the words of Jonah Weingarten to explain what the video is all about:

"The Kingdom In Winter video tells the epic tale of an infant child who has been prophesied to be the key to the gates. These gates lead to a land of peace, prosperity, and shelter from the cold and bitter winter and are protected by two stoic sentinels. Led by a mighty Shaman priestess, a group of refugees and warriors set out to bring the child to the gates against all odds. Kingdom In Winter turned into such an epic track that we knew we needed a music video that would truly bring it to life. It blends the fantasy elements of classic 80's movies like Willow and Krull with more modern cinematic visuals like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Director Chance White (Pyramaze, Halcyon Way, Theocracy) was able to fulfill this vision."

-Jonah Weingarten

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