WATERGHOST: New Musicians, Special Guests And Second Single

After the end of a contest promoted over the last few weeks on social networks, […]
August 24, 2014

After the end of a contest promoted over the last few weeks on social networks, Waterghost announces new featured vocalists and instrumentalists joining the lineup of the metal opera.
The team rounds up guest musicians ' Brazilians and non-Brazilians ' chosen for their outstanding musical interpretation and refined technique. They shall contribute to the development of the narrative introduced to the public in the highly acclaimed debut single "The Four Elements", that can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28zYvh8Rvf0

André Anheiser Ferrari (ex-Eyes of Shiva, currently on Mr. Ego), who gave voice to the first track, joins the following vocalists in the new Waterghost compositions: BaÅŸak Ceber Adakur (Country of origin: Turkey; Group: Dream Ocean), Germán Pascual (Country of origin: Sweden. Group: ex-Narnia, currently pursuing a solo career),Gui Antonioli (Tierramystica), Helyton Camargo (finalist in the contest mentioned above), Mischa Marmade (Zaltana), Raphael Dantas (ex-Andragonia, currently on Perc3ption). Guitar parts and arrangements shall be crafted by Vinícius Almeida (Legendary, multi-instrumentalist and Waterghost's music producer). On bass, Ignacio López (Country: Argentina; Group: Skiltron) has been chosen. Marcelo Beckenkamp, project mentor, continues his work as lyricist for the upcoming chapters of the album. In addition, three more names will be kept secret and shall be revealed in the near future.

As for the second single, it is currently in pre-production at DRK Studios and should be released in the month of October.

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