WAMI (Doogie Appice Mendoza Iggy): Doogie White records vocals in Poland

Doogie White is currently in a studio in Szczecin, Poland recording his parts for the […]
November 25, 2013

Doogie White is currently in a studio in Szczecin, Poland recording his parts for the new exciting projectWAMI. The project, scheduled for release in early Spring, will give a new meaning to hard'n'heavy music! The names associated with it are true legends on the hard rock scene: on the vocals -Doogie White(Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen), on the drums -Vinny Appice(Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, DIO), on the bass -Marco Mendoza(Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), who join forces with the 16-year-old Polish guitaristIggy Gwadera, who made his debut 2 years ago as the guitarist of Anti Tank Nun.

In the current issue of Polish edition of Metal Hammer magazine, Vinny Appice discusses the project:"The music is quite heavy but not as dark as for example Black Sabbath or Kill Devil Hill. It's melodic music, very well performed. I would label it as high-quality heavy rock."He adds:"When I first heard that music, I really liked it. Later on, I was informed that the guitarist is only 16 years old! I thought ' wow, what an incredible instrumentalist. And then I learnt that Marco Mendoza will be involved in this project and that made me even more interested in this idea. The demo versions of the tracks sounded very promising so I can't wait for the final results."

The idea to record an album together was born after Thin Lizzy's concert in Poland. The bassist Marco Mendoza, delighted with the young guitarist Iggy, who supported Thin Lizzy with his band Anti Tank Nun, suggested that they record some music together. This first idea, which was maturing for the next dozen-odd months, eventually evolved into the project involving legendary musicians, who are currently recording a brand new album together with Iggy. The drummer Vinny Appice, renowned for playing in some of the best heavy metal bands of worldwide fame, as also the bassist Marco Mendoza have already finished recording bass and drum tracks in Los Angeles. Near the end of November, Doogie White will confront his vocal talent with Iggy's guitar technique during their recording sessions. Hard rock fans can well expect the results of these sessions to be truly outstanding! The album is to be mixed by the end of the year and will be released already in the early Spring!

Full details to be announced soon!

You can see gallery of Doogie White's recording sessionHERE.

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