WAEL DAOU: Surprising positively

Guitarist/composer WAEL DAOU released their 1st EP in August, the diverse "Ancient Conquerors" and even […]
By Zarto
October 13, 2013

Guitarist/composer WAEL DAOU released their 1st EP in August, the diverse "Ancient Conquerors" and even with so little time released, already pulling many accolades from critics and specialized Metal fans in general.

For those who do not know , "Ancient Conquerors" is based on the stories of the great conquerors of the contemporary history of mankind, turning in a EP launch theme because all tracks have a different temperament, symbolizing each conqueror.

The graphical part of the release is also worthy of applause, taken by Gustavo Sazes genius, which was able to explore very well the theme of the disc, leaving it visually striking and beautiful.

Tracklist :

01 Genghis Khan
02 Salah El Dine
03 Atilla The Hun
04 Xerxes I
05 Domitian
06 Hiram I

For you who are interested in the material just contact the official Facebook guitarist: https://www.facebook.com/waeldaouguitars and acquire "Ancient Conquerors" for a super special price!

Check out what the specialist media has been talking about the EP "Ancient Conquerors" guitarist WAEL DAOU:

WHIPLASH: "... Wael is influenced by bands like Metallica and Iced Earth, and other guitarists like Jason Becker, John Petrucci and Chuck Schuldiner. And these influences are clear in the material presented, that combines weight, melody and technique with great competence. But do not think just the guitars stand out because all instruments have their attention, including the great keyboard arrangements, which leave the tracks with a climate very interesting epic. we still have to mention that Wael transits also unrelated styles to heavy music, such as Jazz and classical music, but very organic."

ARTE METAL: "Without doubt, the weight of the bases put the sound guitar compositions closer to heavy metal, but there are latent influences of classical music and classical music, and light touches of Jazz . Soils obviously well executed are the highlights. Wael know how to balance soil longer and melodic passages with more fancy and techniques like few others."

METAL PARÁ: "The versatility and competency Wael go beyond being a mere virtuoso guitars, the guy pulls out deeply what it does and why it does so with such propriety and scope of your musical knowledge acquired so far..."

METAL SAMSARA: "Refinement, good taste and beauty together in a beautiful work done on our land, which is a source of pride to us. E product for export, say by the way."

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