Wacken Metal Battle Canada Announces National Final w HAMMERDRONE vs. CENTURIES OF DECAY

Wacken Metal Battle Canada is proud to announce this year's 2018 National Final being hosted […]
May 19, 2018

Wacken Metal Battle Canada is proud to announce this year's 2018 National Final being hosted on June 9th at The Opera House in Toronto. The event is being combined with this year's 2nd annual Boonsdale Fest presented by Boonsdale Records also organized by WMBC founder JJ Tartaglia. The national final will be witness to the Best of The West, Calgary's HAMMERDRONE (WMBC Western finalist) versus the Beast of the East, Toronto's CENTURIES OF DECAY, the only two remaining bands from over 70 competing during this year's 5th battle edition hosted in nine cities across the country (Full List of 2018 battles and participating bands can be found here). The winner of the Canadian final will be crowned the champion of the country's underground metal scene and represent the nation at the international Metal Battle at the world's largest metal festival Wacken Open Air in Germany.

Tartaglia comments:

"This is all part of the new strategy to minimize travel for the Metal Battle finalists and to have them play to a packed venue. I'm happy to say that Boonsdale Fest 2018 is looking very promising. The idea is to keep growing it year after year and eventually move it to an outdoor location. We want to fill the gap of an open air metal festival in Toronto and we want it to have some of that spirit of Wacken!"

This year's 2018 Boonsdale Fest will be held on June 9th at the Opera House in Toronto, ON and will feature bands BOREALIS, OPERUS, MOKOMOKAI, PRESSIVE, HAMMERDRONE (WMBC Western finalist) and CENTURIES OF DECAY (WMBC Eastern finalist).

Event Details:
Boonsdale Fest 2018
Saturday, June 9th @ Opera House, Toronto


HAMMERDRONE (Metal Battle Western Finalist)
CENTURIES OF DECAY (Metal Battle Eastern Finalist)

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1635420189827650/

From 2013 to 2016, Wacken Metal Battle Canada has crowned previous winners Hamilton's PROFANER (2016), Oshawa's VESPERIA (2015), Montreal's MUTANK (2014) and Toronto's CRIMSON SHADOWS (2013) to play Wacken Open Air.

Full List of 2018 battles and participating bands in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City can be found here.


Wacken Metal Battle Canada is part of an international competition where over a hundred band's from across the country battle each other for one to be selected and join over 20 other countries for an international battle of the bands at the world's largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, which has been taking place in Wacken, Germany for the last 28 years.

Wacken Metal Battle 2014 Canada Finals by Ondeschocs.com:



Metal Battle:https://www.metalbattle.ca/

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