VISION OF DISORDER to Release Original "Still" Recordings on 12" Limited Edition Vinyl

In 1995, Long Island, NY hardcore legends VISION OF DISORDER (VOD) ' who are credited […]
November 25, 2014

In 1995, Long Island, NY hardcore legends VISION OF DISORDER (VOD) ' who are credited by many as spurring the creation of the post-hardcore and original metalcore genres ' released their groundbreaking record Still as a four-track 7" EP on Striving For Togetherness Records (SFT Records). Still was part of a new generation of the New York Hardcore revival set in motion by bands such as Madball, 25 Ta Life, Crown of Thornz, No Redeeming Social Value, H2O, District 9, Shutdown, Indecision and the continued efforts of legendary bands like Sick Of It All, Murphy's Law, and more.

At the dawn of the 20th anniversary of the record, Dignified Bastard, Inc. (founded by Kevin Gill of SFT Records), is proud to present the epic Still recordings on limited edition 12" vinyl records, shrinkwrapped, with download cards included. Six stunning color variations are available. The original packaging, thank you list, etc. have been kept as they originally appeared in 1995.

The original 7" record sold through numerous pressings before going out of print in around the year 2000, leaving this gem commercially unavailable for nearly 15 years... until now. You are invited to take a step back in time to 1995 - let disorder reign!

Three additional tracks have been added to the original four, to bring it up to a total of seven fiercely aggressive and hauntingly dark songs. The re-issue of Still is produced by Tim Gilles AND VISION OF DISORDER, executive produced by Kevin Gill, and digitally remastered by Michael Rosen (Grammy-Award winning recording engineer/producers with credits including Smash Mouth, Santana, Rancid, Less Than Jake, Green Day, The KGB, Union 13, X, AFI, Testament, Metallica, Vicious Rumors, Powerhouse, Abraxas Pool, Laaz Rockit, Joe Satriani, Todd Rundgren, Tesla, Eddie Money, Death Angel and countless others.)

Still Track Listing:
1) Through My Eyes ("Still" Sessions)
2) Choke ("Still" Sessions)
3) Beneath The Green ("Still" Sessions)
4) Watch Out ("Still" Sessions)
5) D.T.O. ("Still" Sessions)
6) No Regret ("Still" Sessions)
7) Formula For Failure ("Still" Sessions)

Maria Ferrero
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