VISION LUNAR: Releasing "Luna Subortus" EP

Vision Lunar is an instrumental atmospheric black metal project founded by Alexandre Julien (who has […]
September 30, 2015

Vision Lunar is an instrumental atmospheric black metal project founded by Alexandre Julien (who has also played in Soufferance, Citadel Swamp, Éphémère and Vision Éternel, to name a few). The term "atmospheric" should be what's focused on the most, since Vision Lunar takes on a strong influence from ambient and post-rock and is produced to sound like post-metal.

From 2006 to 2007 Vision Lunar released seven demos, always on the day of a full moon. After going through a hiatus and ultimately breaking up in early 2009, a complete discography CD was issued, entitled "Phase One (2006-2009)". This was given away to close friends and collaborators and eventually released as a free download, massing over four hundred downloads since October of 2010.

Alexandre Julien started working on new Vision Lunar material back in February of 2015 but it took until August to convince him that reviving the old project was a wise decision. His first plan was to write and publish Vision Lunar's official biography, which would help establish the band once again after eight years had passed since the last demo was released.

On August 29th 2015, Abridged Pause Recordings officially announced the revival of Vision Lunar by reissuing "Phase One (2006-2009)" on a limited run of CDs. This second pressing features upgraded artwork, proper chronological track listing and a new song that was discovered in 2014, not found on the original issue.

Now a month later, Vision Lunar's new EP is out. "Luna Subortus" (meaning "revived moon" in Latin) is offered on CD and digitally through a collaboration between Abridged Pause Recordings (Canada) and Winterwolf Records (Germany). The September 28th 2015 release date was chosen deliberately as it was the night of a full moon and also a lunar eclipse. The artwork was designed by Frederique Rivard and Alexandre Julien, who are currently working together on a series of t-shirts to help promote the new release. A cassette version is also in the works.

Links & contact:

You can listen to "Luna Subortus" on either the Abridged Pause Recordings Bandcamp page or the Vision Lunar Bandcamp page. You can also find more details on "Luna Subortus" on Abridged Pause Recordings' release page. And finally I would like to invite you to read the official Vision Lunar biography online, which recounts an extremely detailed history of the project from 2006 to 2010. An annex will be updated periodically to document the current happenings.

Alexandre Julien
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