VISION ABLAZE: New Video For "Dreaming Awake" Released

The album "Youtopia" has been praised wordwide, licensed to Japan to Bickee Music and in […]
February 18, 2016

The album "Youtopia" has been praised wordwide, licensed to Japan to Bickee Music and in native country Denmark it has been named the best metal debut album of 2015 by highly acclaimed magazine Devilution.

Marcus Grønbech (Guitarist Of The Vision Ablaze Says):

"Dreaming Awake is about waking up - about reaching beyond that sleep-like state that mankind seems to exist in. It's about realizing how far we've fallen and trying to find a memory of having been better beings and re-awakening it.The song is fast, gritty and really heavy - loaded with anger and frustration. But it opens up and lets a little hope shine through before it ends in a clenched fist. The video was made with live-footage taken by our good friend Stefan Elbæk who strapped on a Go-pro cam and just moshed and partied like there was no tomorrow. The footage was taken at our show at High Voltage in Copenhagen. We wanted a simple, no frills video that tried to capture some of the energy of a live show. We have three videos out already, so this was a perfect way to do something that wasn't in the other videos!"

Marcus Continues:

"2015 was a great year for us - we signed with Mighty Music and released our debut album 'Youtopia' to high praise. Several well renowned metalzines - foreign and domestic - gave the album top marks or close to. We played some great shows, met some great people and had some awesome audiences. Three videos were released too. Now we are looking forward to 2016. The beginning of 2016 saw us nominated for 'Best Danish Metal Release' at bothheavymetal.dkand the High Voltage Rock Awards. We are working hard to plan some touring - both in Denmark and Europe. We have a couple of dates coming up with Malrun and E'nemia - so keep your eyes peeled. 2016 is very much about spreading our music and playing some great shows - we're looking for opportunities to play some of the cool summer festivals. Plans are also in motion do another two videos for the album - Absent and Monster."

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