VIRVUM: Release Bass Play-Through for 'Illuminance.'

Tech death metal outfit VIRVUM have released a bass play-through video for the song "Illuminance," […]
September 21, 2019

Tech death metal outfit VIRVUM have released a bass play-through video for the song "Illuminance," which is taken from the album of the same name. 'Illuminance' was re-released in 2017 by Season of Mist. The clip can be found at the link below, which may be freely spread.

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Bassist Arran McSporran comments: "Rather than go down the route of previous play-through videos, I felt a video for 'Illuminance' needed to reflect the organic nature of the music while remaining interesting visually across the extended song length. The video was all filmed somewhere in the forests of Switzerland by GrofDesign Photography, which also extended the opportunity to highlight my Carillion custom bass. We are currently writing for our second album so watch this space for more news."


1. The Cypher Supreme (2:36)
2. Earthwork (4:31)
3. Illuminance (9:00)
4. Ad Rigorem (4:32)
5. Tentacles Of The Sun (4:55)
6. Elemental Shift (2:41)
7. I: A New Journey Awaits (1:43)
8. II: A Final Warming Shine: Ascension And Trespassing (10:28)

Total playing time: 40:26

When a relatively unknown Swiss band released their debut album 'Illuminance' in 2016, only insiders suspected the massive impact it would stir. Yet it was on the strength of this release that VIRVUM were offered to sign on Season of Mist. Now their new home is reissuing 'Illuminance', which is to be available on vinyl for the first time.

VIRVUM were founded by childhood friends in 2007 and since then the aspiring and hard-working musicians continuously fine-tuned and honed the tracks of their first full-length to match their burgeoning skills.

VIRVUM first got noticed when guitarist and main songwriter Nic Gruhn happily took the offer to join a European tour with California's progressive death metal pioneers FALLUJAH while also opening for such renowned bands as SUFFOCATION and CEPHALIC CARNAGE in 2013. On the return of their guitarist, VIRVUM immediately set out to perform as many shows as possible in order to establish the band in Europe.

In 2015, a first single entitled 'Internal Howl' attracted immediate attention and, that same year, VIRVUM were picked to internationally support big names such as DYING FETUS, FLESHGOD APOCALPYSE, and DEFEATED SANITY among others.

In advance of their self-released debut full-length, VIRVUM received a massive response for the song premieres of "Ad Rigorem" and title track in 2016, while the album was highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

With their professional attitude, the exceptional technical prowess of each individual musician, and last but never least the outstanding collective songwriting skills, the Swiss are now ready for the next step. While VIRVUM create a new monstrous record in studio, their amazing debut 'Illuminance' is made available again.


Bryan Berger: vocals
Nic Gruhn: guitars
Tobias Koelman: guitars
Diego Morenzoni: drums

Style: Tech Death

Season of Mist
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