VESPERIAN SORROW: Sign with Black Lion Records.

Black Lion is pleased to welcome Melodic Black Death Metallers Vesperian Sorrow hailing from Austin […]
October 14, 2019

Black Lion is pleased to welcome Melodic Black Death Metallers Vesperian Sorrow hailing from Austin Texas founded in 1997. Considered to be North America's premiere epic extreme metal act, Vesperian Sorrow's music evokes the darkest depths of searing mortal tragedy with soaring heights of orchestrated, atmospheric melody against a blackened backdrop of neoclassical death metal brutality. Their undeniably passionate songwriting ability sets them apart in their genre. with four full lengths in their past the band is ready to take on new heights in 2020 with their fifth opus! along with a re issue re master of Regenesis Creation in 2019, its with great pride we welcome Vesperian Sorrow into Black Lion, upon hearing their 2012 album Stormwind Of Ages I was hooked instantly with their music, and I knew that this was something fitting for Black Lion , as the US has been our playground for quite some time its not more than fitting that we welcome yet another amazing talent to the evergrowing rooster.

Vesperian Sorrow comments : We are excited to announce our signing with swedish extreme metal label Black Lion Records. We are confident that they are the right fit for the band and the path that we are looking to carve out for ourselves. Expect a reissue of the band's classic "regenesis creation" and a brand new album 2020!

We can also announce

Regenesis Creation will be released near the end of 2019 by Black Lion Records. The album has been completely re-recorded and mixed/mastered.
artwork by Caelan Stokkermans Arts.

Track list:

1 Intro
2 Invisible Kingdom
3 Imprisoned In Gurdon
4 Regenesis Creation
5 Quest Of The Exiled
6 Relinquished
7 The Forever Vortex
8 Vanquished

Black Lion Records
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