VANISH: Announce new album (out March 31st, 2023) and reveal artwork

The Stuttgart-based modern power metallers VANISH will release their fifth album "A Hint Of Solace" […]
January 15, 2023

The Stuttgart-based modern power metallers VANISH will release their fifth album "A Hint Of Solace" via EL PUERTO RECORDS on March 31st, 2023. Today the band announced the first details, including the artwork and the tracklist.

Classic metal trademarks combined with innovative elements create a strong new modern power metal sound. The current album "A Hint Of Solace" also provides comfort in difficult times with its eight songs. Anthem-like refrains, powerful riffs and a bombastic sound - that's VANISH 2023!

"A Hint Of Solace" ' Tracklist
1. Crowdpiercer
2. Walk With Me Through Fire
3. Act/Live/Resolve
4. The Crossing
5. Voyage In Suffering
6. Black Elation
7. As Though The Dead Are Here
8. A Hint Of Solace

Philipp Schönle (Guitar)
Andreas Armbruster (Bass)
Bastian Rose (Vocals, Keys)
Ralf Nopper (Drums)
Ben Galster (Guitar, Screams)

VANISH - modern power metal with character and an outstanding voice.

Hey Make-Believers, let's shout our daily grind goodbye...VANISH is here!

VANISH doesn't fit into any pigeonhole. Sophisticated, modern power metal with some prog, thrash and emotion, but still hard with groove. That's not possible? You bet it is! VANISH is a band that can look back on many years of experience on stage, in the studio and in songwriting and puts a lot of passion, hard work and creativity into their music.

VANISH manage to create a new sound with powerful songs, a mighty production and interesting songwriting. The whole thing is crowned by an unmistakable singer. The band can compete with the greats of the scene. In the past years, VANISH has rocked numerous club gigs, festivals and tours and could score points as support for well-known names like Queensryche, Michael Schenker, Rage, Ross the Boss, Brainstorm, Battle Beast, Mystic Prophecy, Axxis, Kissin' Dynamite, Soilwork and many more.

After the successful tour with Serenity and Rage in 2020 and the festival summer of 2022 with shows at Baden in Blut (DE), Riedler Open Air (DE) and the WGM Festival (DE), among others, VANISH will return in 2023 with the new masterpiece "A Hint Of Solace" and a new show.


El Puerto Records
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