VAMPIRE: "The Fen" video now on CM's Youtube channel

In case you have missed it: Check out the excellent video of the song "The […]
March 8, 2015

In case you have missed it: Check out the excellent video of the song "The Fen" by Swedish death conjurers of VAMPIRE:

For Germany:

This brilliant work of art was done by the very talented Mr. Daniel Garptoft for Dirt Frame ' (online soon).

VAMPIRE's singer Hand of Doom comments on the video:

"Working with Daniel Garptoft for the first Vampire video certainly fleshed out the aesthetics already in place on our 2014 album. We wanted something that gives off a classic horror film vibe, and that resonates with the recurring style of 'Scandinavian Gothic' present in much Swedish horror and thriller fiction from recent years.

The video for "The Fen" elaborates loosely on the content of the song lyrics, but also does a good job at accentuating the moods of the music. To us in the band, it refreshes one of our favorite tracks off the album, and reinforces the status of a popular live song as an essential aspect of the Vampire experience.

I am proud to say that with the release of Daniel Garptoft's "The Fen" the Vampire logo not only stands for hair-raising music. This broadens our horizon and raises the bar for future projects."

"The Fen" director Daniel Garptoft says:

"The video for "The Fen" is where old school horror goes hand in hand with an evil soundtrack of old school death metal. Influenced by Italian horror and classics like "The Bad Seed", it portrays a gang of awkward children with sinister plans in an eerie nature setting. Our goal was to put together something that isn't your average metal video, but something else. A horror short seemed to be the perfect match to a band like Vampire that dwells anonymously away from the light."

The album "Vampire" as well as the picture vinyl version of VAMPIRE's split 7" release with Miasmal can be purchased at CM Distro (and other record stores / mailorder stores):

VAMPIRE have also released the brand new studio track "Pyre Of The Harvest Queen". This superb new song can so far only be found on the "Whispers Through The Black Veil" compilation LP, released by Wyrd War. Click the link below for detailed info:

VAMPIRE line-up:
Hand of Doom: Vocals
Black String: Guitars
Command: Electric Bass
Ratwing: Battery

11.07.2015 Eistnaflug Festival, Neskaupstadur, Iceland

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