VADER: "Blitzkrieg VI" Tour Ahead

Only one week left until the big "Blitzkrieg VI" tour through Poland ' headlined by […]
By Zarto
March 5, 2012

Only one week left until the big "Blitzkrieg VI" tour through Poland ' headlined by the almighty VADER ' kicks off! Previous to this cataclysmic death metal foray, VADER main man Peter sends out the following statement to the band's fans and followers:

"HAIL METALMANIAX!!! Only one week remains till Blitzkrieg VI !!! We can't wait to play our new live set and album to you. We've prepared a couple of surprises for you after this long break we had. Apart from "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" which will be presented in a premiere form, we will also remind you of some old hits from the 80s and 90s. Of course there will be place for classics too! We are preparing around 90-minute show: 24-25 tracks!!! There will be guest performances on tour as well. You will see VADER you haven't seen for years!!! Be ready for many gadgets available on Blitzkrieg VI only. We start the tour on March 13th with a show in Poznan . On March 10th I invite you for a special show with BEHEMOTH and DECAPITATED in Bydgoszcz . Three Polish metal powers on one stage for the first time in history! The set will contain part of what we've prepared for Blitzkrieg tour. WELCOME TO THE VADER REICH!"


10.03. PL Bydgoszcz - Broadway (special show with BEHEMOTH and DECAPITATED)
13.03. PL Poznań - Blue Note
14.03. PL Wroclaw - Firlej
15.03. PL Zabrze - Wiatrak
16.03. PL Krakau - Fabryka
17.03. PL Rzeszów - Pod Palma
18.03. PL Lublin - Graffiti
20.03. PL Bialystok - Hala Weglowa
21.03. PL Gdansk - Parlament
22.03. PL Olsztyn - Andergrant
23.03. PL Lódź - Dekompresja
24.03. PL Warschau - Stodola
25.03. PL Toruń - Od Nowa

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