UTMARKEN: Release Trailer For Upcoming "Utmarken" Album

In the Swedish hinterlands a talented and „not so young anymore" gang of little rascals […]
March 6, 2016

In the Swedish hinterlands a talented and „not so young anymore" gang of little rascals sets out to play Folk Metal with so much heart blood and gusto, it´s a bright joy! Utmarken implement finest Folk Metal with heart, intelligence and humor. The band´s modest beginnings lay in the year 2012 when band founder Mathias Gyllengahm step by step returned to his roots in the countryside of Northern Sweden. He noticed that when spending time in nature, away from the city, he was musically inspired by the "new" environment. He found a true musical companion in Benny Hägglund, drummer of Vintersorg. Currently the band has morphed into a sextet and prepares for the first live shows. The word 'Utmarken' means the lands in the outskirts, the periphery. Land far away from the city. Places where few people go. A place marked by the hardships throughout history, in both a constant struggle with, but also in harmony with, a harsh and beautiful nature. Musically, Utmarken combines the above elements lyrically over a wide carpet of rock/metal with strong elements of Scandinavian folk music. Raw power, strong melodies, powerful refrains. Melancholy and darkness, but also the epic and grand. Hopefully with a good portion of self distance, and the tongue safely stored in cheek.

Link To Trailer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyCnfOl18CA

Einheit Produktionen
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