TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Release New Video Single.

Watch below the legendary band's new video, "Devil You Know". Listen the single in any […]
August 19, 2018

Watch below the legendary band's new video, "Devil You Know". Listen the single in any rock radio, see it at one of our official press partners for the premiere listed below or catch the band playing it live.

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"Well, that went rather well!

In 2016, when Tygers of Pan Tang signed with Denmark's Mighty Music, the thought was that they might play the occasional gig and sell a respectable number of records. Who could have predicted that they would, in fact, sell more records than they could ever have hoped for with their most critically acclaimed album since the mighty "Spellbound". At the same time, they have become a hot draw on the festival circuit. Appearing at The Barcelona Rock Festival alongside Kiss, Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne they received plaudits from the organizers who quickly tweeted after theTygers appearance, "Amazing show, incredible concert".

And so to the future. The band has more festival appearances across the UK and Europe, a series of shows in Spain and in the autumn they have been invited to return to Japan, something that has been promised since their appearances there on "The Cage" tour. January will see a return to the studio to record their next album for Mighty Music (due for release in May 2019) which will be recorded at the studio owned by ex-Tygers guitarist Fred Purser and once again mixed by Glenn Hughes go to guitarist Soren Andersen.

All of which means that TheTygers can embark upon their World Tour 2019 secure in the knowledge that they are back where they firmly belong ' a band who consistently deliver both live and on record".

Tom Noble, Tygers Of Pan Tang manager

"Devil You Know" is a new single taken from the 2016 comeback album "Tygers Of Pan Tang".

Backstage & Live in 2017

Tygers of Pan Tang:
Robb Weir - guitars
Micky Crystal - guitars
Jack Meile - vocals
Craig Ellis - drums
Gav Gray - bass

Video Footage:

Raismes Festival, France
Winterstorm Festival, Scotland
The Craufawd Arms, Milton Keynes
Spodek Arena, Katowice, Poland

Special thanks to:
Sally & Keith Newhouse
Metal Addiction
All the amazing photographers who have given us their incredible work.

And a thank you to these awesome people:

Tom Noble, Michael H. Andersen (Mighty Music), Soren Anderson, Mark Broughton, Ludy Wetzl, Wilbert Soetens, David Allison (AllbandPromo), Roberto Toderico

LYRICS: Devil You Know:

So you think it's fair to say
A life alone ain't worth the pain
Count the days, the endless nights
Will this woman change your life
Once you know what you're looking for
Be yourself you gotta stand tall

The Devil, you know
Can rock you deep inside with her moves
The Devil, you know
I said the Devi you know

I'm not trying to convince you
Angelic look can fool you
Might be the devil you'll never know
But who can you trust, friend or foe?
In this world full of hate a dark secret is all I crave

The Devil, you know
Can rock you deep inside with her moves
The Devil, you know
I said the Devil you know

Lyrics: Meille


Mighty Music
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