TWISTED SISTER: Trailer For Forthcoming Documentary About the Early Days

A trailer for"We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!", the forthcoming movie aboutTWISTED SISTER's club days by […]
August 9, 2014

A trailer for"We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!", the forthcoming movie aboutTWISTED SISTER's club days by German filmmakerAndrew Horn, can be seen below.

Horntook to the crowdfunding siteIndiegogolast year to help raise the $150,000 he has projected it will take for the film to receive a full release.

In a videotaped message posted atHorn'sYouTube channel,TWISTED SISTERfrontmanDee SnidersaidHorngot at the heart of the band's "'Rocky'-esque story of a band of brothers from the New York area who toughed it out for nearly a decade before finding fame and fortune." The singer went on to describe the end result as "for people who are original fans, hardcore fans, true fans - or want to know more about this band."

He added: "This is independently done, which is the way a documentary of this kind should be [and not like other rock documentaries where the] band puts together ! a piece of propaganda to make [themselves] look good."

TWISTED SISTERguitaristJay Jay Frenchpreviously stated about the upcoming film: "Andyhas been working on this documentary for the last [five] years. The idea came to him after an interview with me concerning another artist namedKlaus Nomiwho opened for us at the Soap Factory around 1981. At that time,Andyreally knew very little about us and became fascinated by the story of our long and winding road to a record deal.

"While most of the world thinks thatTWISTED SISTERstarted in 1984, there are those who know a much different story.

"The band's die-hard fans in the U.K. thought the story began a couple of years earlier whenSecret Recordssigned us in England.
"There does exist, however, a subset of fans who know the real story. Those fans are from the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Those fans spent years supporting us.

"Because of the sheer number of super-sized night clubs that started operating in the tri-state area around 1976, there exists a fan base that only knew us with me,Dee[Snider, vocals],Eddie[Ojeda, guitar] and for a short time bassistKen Neill(with an assortment of changing drummers).

"However, before that,TWISTED SISTERplayed hundreds of shows at places like the Mad Hatter in East Quouge, Mr. T's & Maxis in Wantagh, in Long Island, The Satellite Lounge, The Wreck Room, Dodd's, The Colony III, The Joker II, The Searchlite, Spruce Goose, The Capricorn and the George Inn in NJ and the Sahara located in Adams, Massachusetts.

"This version, when you look at the photo history of the band, contained me and four people most of you don't know: vocalistMichael Valentine, guitaristBilly Diamond, bassistKenny Neilland drummerMell Starr.

"Except forKenny, these former members were either fired or left under very bad circumstances. What happened as a result of the experiences that I had with these ex members formed the basis of my management skills and taught me what to look for in future hiring. In fact, the first break up of the band in December of 1974 led to a personal crisis at the age of 22, that forever changed my life and taught me how to cope in the face of total failure both professionally and emotionally.

"In short, the lessons learned over those first two years formed the basis of the future ofTWISTED SISTER. without having gone through it, the band, as it exists in the hearts of millions of fans around the world, would never had existed.

"To be clear, this in no way implies thatDee,Mark[Mendoza, bass],EddieandAJ[Pero, drums] would not have found fame in their own right. These are all immensely talented musicians. I can also state that I can't see where I would have succeeded without these guys.

"It was clear to me early on that the first version of the band was never going to make it. None of the members, exceptKenny, had what it takes.

"The lack of focus, professionalism and raw talent of the first version became obvious and the proof is that of all the original five members, only me andKennysurvived that circus.

"I will say this however about the very early days ofTWISTED SISTER: Our agent worked us to death, playing 5-6 nights a week 4-5 shows per night. Some shows ended as late as 6 a.m.!

"In those days, you played in one club for 3-6 night in a row. In the case of the Mad Hatter in East Quouge, we played 78 nights between May and September."

When clicked, this video is loaded from YouTube servers. See our privacy policy for details.

When clicked, this video is loaded from YouTube servers. See our privacy policy for details.

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