TOP 5: And Now For Something Completely Different Vol. 3 / By Lex Mishukhin

Ok children, it's time for another top 5, and this one was a tough on, […]
December 1, 2013

Ok children, it's time for another top 5, and this one was a tough on, there's a hell of a lot of ideas that could be implemented as part of the non-Metal Top 5 feature, however, since I do this about once a week (when I'm not remodeling shit around the house), I got to pick the ones I'll actually like doing. And so, with that in mind, for this edition I've chosen my all-time Top 5 Comedy shows.

5. "Seinfeld", the original show about nothing, and as strange as it sounds, it actually was about nothing, just pointless everyday situations, featuring episodes about forgetting where you parked your car, deciding what sound a woman's bellybutton would make if it spoke and ugly babies.
The show itself hasn't aged as well as it could have, and its rather 90's humor and Jerry Seinfeld's terrible acting doesn't make a strong case for it in 2013, but for us watching back in the 90's, the show was as hilarious as it was revolutionary.

4. "Threes Company", we're going way back to the 70's generation, believe it or not, when the show about a man living with two women first aired, it was both revolutionary and very controversial, but as time went by the late great John Ritter's performance as Jack Tripper won over even the most conservative of audiences, and even more importantly, despite being set in the 70's, the shows physical humor and charm continues to make audiences all over the world laugh.

3. "That 70's Show", from the real 70's, we jump to fake 70's, the show which began its life in 1998 won over many people with its nostalgic look, but more importantly, with its sometimes crass but always hilarious humor, the characters were spot on, having a character for anyone to identify with (the geek, the rocker, the bitch, the girl next door), and it also introduced the immortal and endless line of "foot in ass" jokes, what more can you ask for?

2. "Friends", the show started off as a contender for "Seinfeld"'s "nothing" crown, but eventually became something more, with each season its six main characters grew and evolved with longer story arcs and deeper character development, despite that however the show never lost its humor, and it remains a favorite for many to this day.

1. "Married With Children", poor Al Bundy, there is no denying the horrors he went through during the shows run, and why? He used to be a star; did you know he once scored 4 touchdowns in one game for Polk High? Seriously though, this is one of the few shows that managed to never lose it, unlike many TV shows which have grown stale and very outdated as the years since their finale passed, this is one of the few that managed to climb over the basic nostalgia into immortality. The humor may have been controversial when the show first began its run, nowadays we've seen far worse. The show however remains as charming as always, the humor is timeless, unconnected to any specific period of time, the writing and acting are top notch, it was always crass, it was always borderline offensive, but it was also always funny, and there is no doubt in my mind that "Married With Children" is the greatest TV comedy ever!

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