TONS OF ROCK 2016: Eight More Bands Announced

In addition to already announced Black Sabbath, we're proud to present Behemoth with a very […]
October 24, 2015

In addition to already announced Black Sabbath, we're proud to present Behemoth with a very special set, the Norwegian rock legends Raga Rockers, the Viking metal gods in Amon Amarth and Nikki Sixx's Sixx:A.M. and more for Tons of Rock 2016, which is held on Fredriksten Festning in Halden, Norway, June 23.-25.

So far the ticket sales for Tons of Rock has been outstanding, and that based solely on the feedback from the first two flawless editions, alongside already announced Black Sabbath, who will visit Norway and Fredriksten Festning on their last ever tour. Now we're giving you 8 more bands, and the quality and variation of the artists are from the top drawer, and we trust the artists once again will be appreciated by a thankful and quality concerned Tons of Rock audience.

Behemoth of Poland has for decades tuned their technically impressing death metal machinery, and become one of the, if not THE, greatest in the genre. As a very special gesture to Tons of Rock, Behemoth will be performing their critically acclaimed 2013 opus "The Satanist"!
Raga Rockers hardly need an introduction for the Norwegian audience, but with a tribute album where no less than 137(!) of Norways finest artists performing their favourite Raga tunes, they will show why they are considered one of the four greats in Norwegian rock, and hit after hit will come when Michael Krohn and company enters the stage on Fredriksten Festning.
Sixx:A.M., the main focus of Nikki Sixx now that Mötley Crüe calls it quits, and it is not for no reason that they've already made a name for themselves, with three albums that's made them the audience choice for Tons of Rock requests for a long time already. Mötley Crüe might be history, but Sixx:A.M. carries the torch into the future!

Amon Amarth has almost single handedly given new life to Viking metal, and it doesn't only look badass, it IS badass. The Swedes are amongst the hardest working bands in metal business, and is today reknown as one of the very hottest names in metal. Hope you like it rough!
Converge are ranked as one of the godfathers within metalcora, and has been around since before the genre. Coming out of the punk scene, the quartet from Massachussets are considered one of the most innovative and borderpushing bands in metal, and now they're coming to Norwat to kick ass!

Norway's own Leprous has been making a name for themselves also outside Norway, and is one of the most exciting bands in progressive extreme metal. The band was at one point perhaps more known as Ihsahn's backing band, but they've proven more than able to speak for themselves with a back catalogue of no less than six albums. This is going to be very, very impressive.

Bodies are an 80/20 Norweigan/British mix, and consisting of people from amongst other bands Skambankt/Kaizers Orchestra and Amulet. The crew are a new blend, but the music is not whatsoever. You will be presented classic tracks from the masters of punk, namely Sex Pistols, and in particular the most infamous album of all times, namely "Never Mind the Bollocks". So, spend your holidays in the sun, and God save us all!

Below, the doom metal band from Sweden, carry the Candlemass torch with pride, but that doesn't mean they don't add their own flavor to the mix. The bands beautiful and heavy mix of doom and heavy metal were contracted to legendary label Metal Blade almost before finishing the first rehearsal, and by the time we get the pleasure of hosting them, their sophomore album will be in the shelfs, following the awesome debut "Across the Dark River". Practise your doom dance, people!

Program So Far:

Thursday June 23rd:

Black Sabbath
Raga Rockers

Friday June 24th:


Saturday June 25th:

Amon Amarth

From the Tons of Rock Management:

"The response to the Black Sabbath announcements was nothing but fantastic. The ticket sales are beating all records, and we're experiencing a tremendous reaction to Tons of Rock. Now we are ready with 8 brilliant treats for the people. Behemoth performing their masterpiece "The Satanist" at Fredriksten Fortress will be magic, Nikki Sixx coming here with Sixx:A.M. and that we've landed bands such as Amon Amarth, Ragar Rockers and Converge proves that 2016 will be a historic year for Tons of Rock. We are incredibly proud of the first 9 bands, and are looking forward to presenting over 30 further bands later.

Jarle Kvåle, Booking Manager Tons of Rock

"Norway! It's always a great privilege to play in your country! We are using this next opportunity playing at Tons of Rock Fest to play the entire "The Satanist" album from start to end and more! Expect the best! We are already counting days! We are bringing THE biggest Behemoth show you have experienced!"

Nergal, Behemoth

"Converge brought us on our first European tour, and we've joined them in the US. Kurt Ballou has produced, mixed and tracked both our albums in his own studio, and this is a sick booking by Tons of Rock. Converge might be one of the planets best live bands, and they've been our tour mentors of whom we've learned incredibly much."

Bjarte Lund Rolland, Kvelertak

"Pop culture is filled with numbers. Fab Four, Sweet Little Sixteen, Dirty Dozen. My favourite number is six. With a capital S and double X. Nikki Sixx. The man, the myth. There is a reason for me naming my first born after him. Check out why for yourselves."

Dan Thunderbird, Backstreet Girls

"It is a great pleasure to inform that we have been confirmed for Tons of Rock 2016, together with amongs others none less than Black Sabbath, who is out on their farewell tour. "

Einar, Leprous

Tons Of Rock
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