TOLIMAN: Announce Debut EP "Abstraction."

ABSTRACTION is the debut EP of the young and promising Italian prog metal band TOLIMAN, […]
November 15, 2019

ABSTRACTION is the debut EP of the young and promising Italian prog metal band TOLIMAN, that will be out on friday December 6th for the label Bagana / Pirames International (distribution), disclosed by the first single Tyrannus.

Abstraction is "the full representation of what we are, a complete picture where each one put everything that felt necessary. A collective piece, yet very personal to each one of us. It embraces the concrete value of reality, likewise the art movement to which it is inspired. It translates into a huge accomplishment and a starting point for 5 guys who've been given a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Five are the tracks of the debut EP of this band: 28 minutes of heavy, athmospheric metal, djent and progressive music that shows experimentation as main feature and a continuous research of equilibrium between modern and classic inspirations. The female vocal line completes all of this, always present and never trivial, that, with deep lyrics and interesting melodic lines, sets the music under the mark of TOLIMAN.

"We are our memory, We are this huge, chimeric, museum of standoffish shapes, this pile of broken glass." This is what Borges wrote and this is how the artwork unveils: the eternal return to memory as the primal condition of mankind, the permanent and constant need to grasp or reject what makes us our true self, to learn from our mistakes. Sticking with what is part of us is what characterizes men.
The Subject, Mnemosyne, incarnates the recurring the recurring theme of the EP, exploring the human soul onto its deepest and countless aspects. In the same way, humanity, symbolized by its own hands, frames, sustains and owns this whole experience.

Lyrics are from the singer Paola Urso, music is by Francesco Ottone (drums), Riccardo Roggero (guitar). Artistic production is by Titta Morganti, recordings and mix by Frank Altare at 33HZ Studio, Trezzo sull'Adda (MI), master is by Riccardo Parenti, Elephant-Mastering Studio, Rome.


1. Abstraction
2. Tyrannus
3. Alkaline
4. Once
5. Alpha-Ori


Paola Urso: Lead Singing - Songwriting
Riccardo Roggero: Lead/Rythm Guitar
Jack Irrequieto: Lead/Rythm Guitar
Luca Mellina: Bass Guitar
Francesco Ottone: Drums


Toliman were born in October 2016 between Casale Monferrato and Vigevano.

The balance between contemporary metal and classic sound is the keystone behind the whole project. Experimentation is the conceptual pillar of Toliman sonorities, with strong influences from the rough dawn of heavy music to the more complex and atmospheric pathos of more recent metal, while fusing with Djent and structural intricacies of contemporary Prog. The mix is finished by the female vocal warmness and incisiveness, along with the refined texts which perfectly combines with a plethora of talented musicians, despite the young age.

The combination between music and texts are the ultimate reflection of the band's originality and tight union, whilst creating a defined, personal and unique style. Toliman will come out with the first EP "Abstraction", label Bagana / distribution Pirames International.

Bagana Music
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