TO THE RATS AND WOLVES: Farewell Tour 2020.

Essen's young powerhouse TO THE RATS AND WOLVES officially announced their break up; but will […]
July 23, 2019

Essen's young powerhouse TO THE RATS AND WOLVES officially announced their break up; but will be embarking on their farewell tour in January 2020 for the last time! More information soon.

"There is no right or wrong way to explain this decision but we'll try to do so in respect and thankfulness to all the people who have supported us. This band was a monumental part of our lives for the past seven years and shaped us as human beings, musicians, entertainers and artists; but also cost us a lot of effort, time, money, blood, sweat and tears.
We traveled the world, partied a lot and gave all we had, in order to live this dream and keep it alive. However things change and an affectionate hobby and passion turns into stress and frustrating work which fraught our daily routine. This is unfair towards our fans and people who have supported us, as well as ourselves.
Sometimes you have to close a chapter so that you can start a new one.
At this point we want to thank a lot of people:
First we want to thank all the fans which supported us from the start, along our journey. WITHOUT YOU this would have been impossible.
Our crew which helped us to shine on stage. Thank you for your hard work and the wild nights and antics.
Thanks to all the bands which shared the stage with us and paved our way to the top!
We lay this band to rest in January 2020 with our farewell tour. We hope that we'll have a memorable time together and can come to a notable end.
All further information about the farewell tour will be shared soon!
Stay young.used.wasted.
To The Rats and Wolves

Earlier this year the german based sextet released their third full length record called "Cheap Love"!
Buy the album "Cheap Love" as limited boxset or CD here:

"Cheap Love is about the daily struggle from love and heartache to depressions. We learned that it is more important to say things straight out of your heart then putting into metaphors. That is what Cheap Love is lyrically about." - TTRAW

""Cheap Love" is 100% TTRAW" states the band that has risen solidly from the German underground over the past six years since their formation in 2012. Born from the ashes of BEAST WAR RETURNS, TO THE RATS AND WOLVES gained popularity rather quickly with their eye-catching outfits, two singers and a trademark heavy sound. One EP and two albums in, their energetic mix of electronic energy and modern, contemporary heaviness is unique in today's music scene. Their newest effort benefits from a strict DIY-attitude - as the band took over every part of it's production without outside influences.
"It was pretty exciting as we did everything on our own. We've been disappointed in the past because we made compromises that went against our intuition. This time around we did not allow anything like this at all."

It took the band only 18 months to write, record and produce "Cheap Love", a time in which the band evolved once more, dispensed with their masked outfits and made the logical next step after 2016's highly-acclaimed "Dethroned". Now, more relaxed and assured, their sound has softened it's edges but also added a lot more feeling and emotion.
"The album is about the daily struggle, really", declares guitarist Danny, "it's about love and heartache as well as about depression."

A fact that becomes obvious once one lets a single like 'Down' sink in; a stripped-down, poppy track that has become the band's favourite during the production process. "We've been through a whole lot, sank into depression and were close to putting the band to rest. ‚Down' is uplifting and the sort of song you need in those kind of situations. It gave us hope when we recorded the album."

'True' is another surprising but deep song, that shows a different side to TO THE RATS AND WOLVES; a very emotional, yet fragile side that also features Trevor Wentworth from US post hardcore connoisseurs OUR LAST NIGHT on guest vocals. "The main goal for this album was to not write something people have heard over and over again already.", explains the guitarist.

Yet, TTRAW make sure to let you know that riffs still run through their veins. The opening title track 'Cheap Love' embodies pretty much everything the band have always stood for and does not hold back with the party vibes, dance beats and aggressiveness. "It's a fusion of old and new elements and is just straightforward. We wanted to come back with a bang", Danny blatantly puts it.

All in all, "Cheap Love" is an album packed with great vibes, genuine emotion and hard hitting moments - but most importantly, "Cheap Love" is honest. "With time we have learned to say things outright instead of holding back", Danny states, "on this record we try to be encouraging yet embrace melancholy.We are vocal about standing our ground."

In the past, TO THE RATS AND WOLVES had toured with the likes of ESKIMO CALLBOY, WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE and SUICIDE SILENCE - for "Cheap Love" the band intends to tour as much as possible and also to explore places they haven't been to before.


Dixi Wu | vocals
Nico Sallach | vocals
Danny Güldener | guitars
Marc Dobruk | guitars
Stanislaw Czywil | bass
Simon Yildirim | drums

Arising Empire
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