TKO/THE RODS: MP3 Download Link For "Aces Of Spades" Cover Song Available

Members of legendary American metal bands TKO and The Rods recently teamed up to record […]
January 24, 2016

Members of legendary American metal bands TKO and The Rods recently teamed up to record a high octane version of the Motorhead classic "Ace of Spades" as a tribute to Lemmy.

Video Link - TKO / THE RODS members performing MOTORHEAD - "Ace of Spades" Lemmy tribute cover.

MP3 song purchase link - TKO / THE RODS - "Ace of Spades" Lemmy tribute cover.

TKO Vocalist Brad Sinsel Has Checked In With The Following Comment:

Immediately following the death of Rock Legend Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister, the surviving members of Motorhead reached out to & simply requested that fans " Play Lemmy's music loud. Have a drink or few. Share stories. Celebrate the LIFE of this lovely, wonderful
man celebrated so vibrantly himself."

Former members of TKO gathered together to follow those instructions on a dreary Saturday while tuning into the live broadcast of Lemmy's "Celebration of Life." Brad Sinsel, frontman for TKO / Warbabies / Angels of Dresden, took things a step deeper in his search for closure in the matter. Speaking with guitarist Rick Pierce, bassist Evan Sheeley, Guitarist Brynn Arens, Sinsel asked with a grin,

"How 'bout we go in and record some Motorhead? Who's game?

Immediate reaction from everyone was "Hell Yeah!". My next call was to Carl Canady, drummer for the Rods" and I couldn't think of anyone more fitting to do this with, he added.

Dubbed ,"The Lemmy Sessions," TKO entered the studio in celebration of what they viewed as a rock n roll life well lived. Although the plan was never to release the recordings to the public, the final decision was made to release Ace of Spades as a loving tribute to Lemmy. All proceeds will go to the Ronnie James Dio "Stand Up and Shout" Cancer fund.

Carl Canedy has checked in to share his favorite memory of Motorhead's Lemmy:

When The Rods opened for Motorhead at the Calderone Concert Hall in Hampstead, Long Island, New York, we were in the middle of recording our "Live" album for Combat Records.

It was a crazy time for us and I remember having been called to the back of the venue during Motorhead's set. They were so loud that even outside, we had to yell to each other to be heard. Motorhead was so loud, I couldn't believe it. As we'd been called the "American Motorhead" in the first Sounds review by Geoff Barton, I was eager to see them live. They didn't disappoint. It was truly one of the loudest shows I've ever seen.

After the show Lemmy hung out with us at the back of the venue. I remember him being a really good guy. He had his arm around me chatting and offering me his seemingly "never ending" beer. He was patient and kind to the fans. The nicest and most unpretentious guy I'd met in the music business. A true metal icon!
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