THUNDER: "All I Want" Cover, Tracklist, Release Date 24th October 2014

The release date of the THUNDER album "All I Want" on CD isOctober 24th 2014. […]
September 25, 2014

The release date of the THUNDER album "All I Want" on CD isOctober 24th 2014. The preorder phase will start onOctober 10th 2014in our webshop.

THUNDER, a band from Stuttgart/Germany, released their only album in 1984. THUNDER had a rather rough style, not only because of vocalist Wolfgang Schorer's rasping voice, but they moved also in melodic Heavy Metal surroundings. They had listened to everything from ACCEPT to JUDAS PRIEST and AC/DC, so you can find these "common" influences in the band's sound, very easy to identify in songs like "Beheaded" and "Heavy Metal".

Their album was distributed in the south of Germany, but nowadays it is a rarity because there was no real (international) distribution. This is the reason why we released THUNDER's music as part of our Karthago Heavy Metal Classics series where you can find all songs of them plus un-released material on one CD.

1. Eye Of Thunderstorm
2. The Raven
3. All I Want
4. Stop - Cry Out
5. Turtle's Dying
6. Beheaded
7. Heavy Metal
8. Listen To Heavy Metal Thunder
9. The City Geek
10. Man Of The Crowd
11. Dirty Love
12. Dark Horse
13. Innocence
14. Heavy Metal (Demo)
15. All I Want (Demo)
16. Breakout
Total Playing Time 64:41 min

Ali Schmidt ' bass
Wolfgang Schorer ' vocals
Gert Volland ' drums
Alex Grohmann ' guitars

Karthago Records
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