THORNHILL: Share New Single "Coven."

Melbourne outfit Thornhill today unleash their new single 'Coven' - an unrelenting blast of metalcore […]
April 5, 2019

Melbourne outfit Thornhill today unleash their new single 'Coven' - an unrelenting blast of metalcore teeming with emotion. Their first output since their Butterfly EP in February 2018, 'Coven' marks a mature return for the five-piece, who are geared to embark on their debut national headline tour atop the track.

"'Coven' is about identifying anxiety and realising how much control it can have over your life," explains lead vocalist Jacob Charlton. "We tend to feed anxiety with fear and I think this song is about my constant battle with it before playing a show, releasing new music or meeting new people. I think it'll be a reminder every time we play it live that it's all in my head," he adds.

After an unlikely start in high school, Thornhill quickly went on to land supporting roles with legends of modern heavy music including Northlane, Architects, Parkway Drive, In Hearts Wake, Make Them Suffer, Polaris and The Plot In You. Now, the band are poised to move up to the next level with the release of 'Coven', their biggest headline tour to date set to kick off next month, as well as more new music coming in 2019.

"Our new music is definitely a progression from Butterfly," explains guitarist Ethan McCann. "There are some songs that are a refined take on our current sound accompanied by an array of new genres/instruments as we never want to get too comfortable in one place. I think we left ourselves fairly open to exploring some different avenues while not straying away from previous releases."

Throughout the writing and recording process of their new material, Thornhill revelled in the opportunity to explore their musicianship, and purposefully took influence from a wide variety of genres.

"All of us listen to a wide range of bands and genres and enjoy playing different music as well," McCann adds. "I think a goal of ours for the future is to never fully be locked into one genre, throw the odd 'oh I didn't expect this' kind of track in the mix sometimes. To me personally it's more entertaining because you hear a band's ability and taste progressing over their career which I really enjoy."

Thornhill is Jacob Charlton (vocals), Ethan McCann (guitar), Matt Van Duppen (guitar), Nick Sjogren (bass) and Ben Maida (drums).


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