THE WHITE BUFFALO: Announce Acoustic Show At Cargo January 30th, 2016

American underground icon in the making The White Buffalo (a.k.a. songwriter Jake Smith) whose 3[sup]rd[/sup] […]
January 21, 2016

American underground icon in the making The White Buffalo (a.k.a. songwriter Jake Smith) whose 3[sup]rd[/sup] studio LP"Love And The Death Of Damnation" is released on February 12[sup]th[/sup] has just announced a one off solo acoustic show at London's Cargo on January 30[sup]th[/sup], in addition to his appearance at Ramblin' Man Fair later this year. Doors are 7pm, stage time is 8pm and tickets are £16.50 Smith said "I love coming to the UK. The London crowd is truly one of the most spirited crowds to date"

Straddling the blurry lines of country, rock, folk and Americana, with poignant narratives as dark and deadly as a drug deal gone south and big, bold anthems of love, the strength to survive and a rebel-like resilience, Smith can strip a story down into raw emotion. As Billboard Magazine describes it, "His voice is Eddie Vedder with more Jameson; his attitude is Johnny Cash with more empathy."
Already out in the US, Earache Records release the European version featuring an extra 3 songs, the album prompted LA Times to comment "It's the voice that burrows into you. Devil's growl. Sinner's lament. Smith's baritone echoes with villains and misfits, drunks and philistines. It curls through loneliness, sets out on crooked highways. It is an American voice cured in recession, war and betrayal, a resonant map where the spectral bleeds into dreams. But in it, like mica in slate, is the glint of redemption, flashing just long enough to allow a man to keep a bead on whatever goodness might dwell in him."

This year he joined the ranks of Emmy-nominated songwriters for the original track "Come Join the Murder" featured as the season closer for FX's hit show Sons of Anarchy. The album also features Smith's first ever duet, 'I Got You' with vocalist Audra Mae who said "I've been a fan for years so it's exciting to be in the same room with Jake, let alone singing alongside him in the studio. 'I Got You' is honest and gorgeous and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. What an honour and such a pleasure."

Over the past decade, Smith has had several placements in shows including 9 songs in Sons of Anarchy, as well as Californication, and movies Safe Haven and West of Memphis. He has also played with the likes of Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Grace Potter, Steve Earl, and Dave Grohl. Leading guitar manufacturer Ernie Ball recently released a 10-part docuseries called "Capturing The White Buffalo: The Recording of an American Songwriter". The series documents the making of "Love And The Death Of Damnation" in an alluring and cinematic way. It captures the raw struggles and successes of Smith's writing and recording process, gives each song a new narrative, and introduces you to the album in a way that's altogether haunting, uplifting, and unforgettable. You can watch the whole series here:

Smith says about "Love and the Death of Damnation": "With this album, I really wanted to get back to songs... I wanted to get back to writing individual stories, as opposed to an extended narrative. I wanted each song to make you feel something. In the past, the songs have almost always been pretty dark. But this time, I was also able to channel some happier stuff and write a couple of actual feel-good songs. It's also more varied musically. I really made an effort to expand my sound, and to get out of my comfort zone as a songwriter."

"Love And The Death Of Damnation" is due to be released on CD and vinyl in Europe on February 12th, featuring three exclusive bonus tracks on the CD version and as a bonus 7" with all vinyl versions.

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