THE SILENCER: Release New Video Single "Within."

Melodic Death Metal band, The Silencer from NY has made their impactful return to the […]
September 1, 2018

Melodic Death Metal band, The Silencer from NY has made their impactful return to the scene with a brand new single and music video for "Within" (shot and directed by Eric DiCarlo and Squareup Studios). The single, written and produced by frontman Charlie Corletta and engineered/mix/mastered by Zaki Ali, is centered around the internal conflicts that often plague the current youth of today. The video is focused on a teenage girl battling issues such as bullying, social media exploitation, sexual harassment, mental health, and thoughts of suicide. Fans can stream the brand new music video, via Metal Assault here!

The Silencer began as a solo side project for former frontman of Julius Seizure and Will Killmore, Charlie Corletta. Over the past four years, The Silencer has risen out of the metal underground scene to collaborate with other musicians, but today they are ready to face their toughest battle yet, bullying and mental health. Corletta had this to say about the brand new single: "The message of "Within" is that no matter what negative situations one might face in their life, there is always something that we hold onto within us all (an inner light and burning passion), that makes life worth living." The animated video is accentuated by the impactful and empowering lyrical content. The resounding message of the song combined with The Silencer's performance and flashback/dream sequence represent the main character's inner strength. This becomes the main character's guiding light saving her from certain devastation.

With this, the band has partnered with Artists United Against Bullying to help the youth of tomorrow.

Purchase "Within" here:

More about The Silencer:

The Silencer is the brainchild of former Julius Seizure frontman and Will Killmore drummer, Charlie Corletta. Forming in Nyack, NY, Corletta initially thought up The Silencer as a side project with the original aim to incorporate other musicians in the underground heavy metal community. The goal was to release original music in his spare time in between his other active bands. In 2012, the debut single "Discovery of The Lost Cause" unleashed with guest appearances by Grimus and Allegaeon session drummer JP Andrade, Bass and Vocals by Torch The Throne member, Darryl Cherry, and Corletta's former Pinion guitarist Dave Dougherty. The single became the number 1 requested song on WSOU's station, 89.5 mounting them to local success and further establish themselves as a staple in the underground east coast metal scene.

With Corletta joining New Jersey melodic deathcore outfit, Julius Seizure, as the frontman, The Silencer went on hiatus for over two years. However, in the summer of 2014, Corletta felt this urge to re-ignite the project, this time strictly as a solo project where he would write, record, and perform all vocals and instruments on record. He utilized recording and engineering talent, Steve Toth and Kevin Antreassian (The Dillinger Escape Plan) to help record and release "In Waiting."

In 2016, Corletta returned with "Solitarius Lupus" with Toth and Antreassian, however with a different approach in writing, to include spoken word and a blues section which quickly became a fan favorite. Following the release, Corletta unleashed "Atonement," a new chapter in The Silencer's history. He partnered with emerging artist Joel Monet (Circuitry) to mix and master the single. The goal was to bridge the solo project to a full-fledged live band. He quickly enlisted the help of bassist Dave Goyette (ex. Another Day's Armor/Norastone), guitarist Steve Toth (Juiliu Seizure/Will Killmore) and drummer Zaki Ali (Etherius/Sinaro). Later, Corletta would add long time friend and former The Sequel bandmate, Greg Giler to play rhythm guitar. In October 2017, The Silencer played their first live show as direct support for Spinefarm and took the remainder of the year to tour the New York and Southern New Jersey regions.

Fast forward to early 2018, Corletta and bandmates entered the studio to record, "Within" which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by drummer Zaki Ali. For the first time, the single offers a deeper understanding of the multifaceted sound and direction that Corletta always envisioned. He was able to focus on the guitars, arrangement and vocals where he was able to develop a more mature vocal styling. The video was shot and completed by Eric Dicarlo and SquareUp Studios. This time Corletta wrote and produced an intricate storyline regarding the resounding interpersonal and positive nature of the lyrical content. He wanted to dive into the issues that he feels are plaguing today's youth, including suicide, bullying, mental health, social media exploitation, and sexual harassment, which are all examined in the music video. The single and video premiere exclusively with Metal Assault in July 2018.

Fans can be on the lookout for new music coming soon.

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