THE PRIVATEER: To release "Kingdom of Exiles" on January 20th / cover artwork revealed

With their sails fully set, the 6-member crew of "The Privateer" has been going on […]
October 19, 2022

With their sails fully set, the 6-member crew of "The Privateer" has been going on a privateer voyage since 2007.

Inspired by classic heavy metal, modern death and folk metal, the buccaneers from Freiburg create their characteristic sound. With their songs they tell stories about hidden treasures, distant worlds, old sailors' yarns and the myths of the sea.

Today, the crew announce the release of the new studio album "Kingdom of Exiles" on January 20th, 2023 and prepares for the new adventures... The impressive cover artwork was created by artist Dusan Marcovic.

The band comments:
"Finally it's done! We've been working on "Kingdom of Exiles" for a long time and are so happy to finally let the new album "Kingdom Of Exiles" off the leash! Expect nothing less than driving riffs, fat hooklines, great choirs and for the first time only female screams!For album cover we brought the amazing Dusan Marcovic on board! Look forward to a thick production from the sacred halls of Iguana Studios, which will take you on a quest for lost cultures, forgotten myths and hidden treasures."

The track list for "Kingdom Of Exiles" reads as follows:
1. Cadence Of Life
2. madness is king
3. queen of fire and wind
4. the darkest shadow of life
5. foretold story
6. kingdom of exiles
7. the realm of the forest
8th Ghost Light
9. Memory Of Man

The first single "The Darkest Shadow Of Life" will be released on 04.11.2022. Stay tuned!

Clara Held - Vocals & Violin
Kim Fritz ' Drums
Eric Tobian - Bass
Roman Willaredt ' Guitar
Christian Spöri ' Guitar


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