THE PARADOX TWIN: Sign with White Star Records.

Swiftly becoming one of the household names of independent progressive music, White Star Records have […]
May 12, 2018

Swiftly becoming one of the household names of independent progressive music, White Star Records have announced details of a new signing, and are proud to announce The Paradox Twin to their growing roster that already boasts the likes of Kepler Ten, Voices from the Fuselage and Kim Seviour.

Chris Hillman from White Star Records says this about the signing:

"When we started White Star Records, John Mitchell & I decided not to release loads and loads of music but to focus on quality over quantity. Therefore when we sign anything it has to be something that we both think is great. Recently John played me tracks from a new artist that had been in his studio. He was very excited about it. The artist was The Paradox Twin and after a couple of listens I could see why John was so enthusiastic. It was great stuff and I couldn't stop playing it. The album has a very interesting concept whilst the music combines classic rock and prog elements with a contemporary uplifting feel and we both feel that it is a worthy addition to our emerging catalogue of releases."

Originating in Berkshire and fronted by main songwriter Danny Sorrell, 'The Paradox Twin' are a progressive rock trio who are set to make 2018 their own with their debut album 'The Importance of Mr Bedlam' which is set for a June 29th release date.

Danny says this about his band signing to White Star Records:

"I am so ecstatic for the journey ahead - I haven't stopped smiling since everything has finally come together. White Star Records have given me a platform to progress my life-long passion of music, and I cannot wait for this album to finally be revealed to the world. It's been a long time since I sat down and started putting thoughts to paper."

Talking about the concept of the 7 song opus that has tracks ranging anywhere from 6-10 minutes long, Danny explains that he is "influenced and inspired by conspiracy theories and the idea that humans on Earth are being controlled by extra-terrestrial beings." The lyrical content of the album can be linked to various alien conspiracy theories, and different ideas on the topics of otherworldly seers are gradually unveiled throughout this fine piece of progressive work, that also features some special guests.

The Paradox Twin have just revealed the first track 'Planeta' via Prog Magazine, which features Kim Seviour.

You can view the music video HERE:

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There are subliminal messages in The Paradox Twin's work, and Danny has successfully integrated samples of speeches taken from the likes of Lloyd Pye in this particular track. Danny muses that "Lloyd acquired a skull called 'The Starchild' which is believed to have had part human DNA, and part unknown species." You can hear an excerpt of Pye's speech in the final moments of the track, whereby he claims that "aliens do exist".

Lloyd Pye was renowned for his theories on extraterrestrial beings and died from a rare form of Cancer, or so reports claim.

You can check out Lloyd Pye's speech about the 'Starchild' in its entirety HERE:

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'The Importance of Mr Bedlam' was produced by John Mitchell, and features guest spots from both John Mitchell and Kim Seviour, keeping with the White Star Records cross-collaboration ethos.

Danny says that to fully immerse himself in the songwriting process he tries not to listen to music during that time period, so to not have too many obvious influences creeping in to the band's soundscapes. However, when talking about the band's core sound, he claims that he enjoys the works of Steven Wilson, Opeth and My Dying Bride, and the poetic artistry that comes with these acts. The Paradox Twin's album 'The Importance of Mr Bedlam' can be pre-ordered over at:

The Paradox Twin is:

Danny Sorrell
Diane Fox
Leland Freeman
Rob McGregor

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