THE CRUEL INTENTIONS: Sign with Indie Recordings and announce debut album

The Oslo-based rock'n'rollers,TheCruel Intentions, have signed with Indie Recordings! The band was founded in the […]
May 18, 2018

The Oslo-based rock'n'rollers,TheCruel Intentions, have signed with Indie Recordings! The band was founded in the wake of 2015 and until today, they do not stop to excitewith their modern Guns n Roses meets Sex Pistols meets Buckcherry style!The Cruel Intentionshavereleased several successful singles so far, and havereceived massive praise for their intense and phenomenal live performances. The band's vocalist, Lizzy DeVine,lived five years in Los Angeles, where he was the singer and songwriter of Vains of Jenna, a band that got their breakthrough with performances in the movies Jackass, Viva La Bam and Kat Von Dee's LA Ink.

The lineup of vocalist Lizzy DeVine, guitarist Kristian Solhaug, bassist Mats Wernerson, and drummer Robin Nilssonisnow ready to take over the world with their upcoming debut album titled"No Sign Of Relief", due September 21.

With this album, the band creates a young, original and modern expression, albeit with strong roots in the history of rock. Their music conveys a wide range of emotional topics, with a light mix of optimism and pessimism as their basic recipe, although the tragicomical view of the world excels throughout the album. The dichotomy of the dark side of fun, contra the bright views of making mistakes; the loss of falling off in life and not fitting into society, contra the bravery with daring to be yourself, to go your own ways ' these are the underlying themes in this album.

In technical terms, the band plays around the esthetics of bands such as Guns 'N Roses and Mötley Crue, and carries on the legacy of traditional glam rock into the contemporary youth of today. The songs are fast paced, humorous and at times really hard-hitting, especially with the assistance of Europe's most clashing cowbell. This album reeks of confidence, and will certainly smite you with its persuasive musical turns. It's groovy, angry, comical and sassy ' bringing out the emotions of anger, joy, fun and confidence in the listener, all packaged beautifully in their 11 track album with the title'No Sign of Relief'.

1. Jawbreaker
2. Reckoning
3. Genie's Got a Problem
4. Weekend Suffering
5. Borderline Crazy
6. Check Your Head
7. Sick Adrenaline
8. Everybody Riot
9. Go Fuck Yourself
10. Chaos In a Bombshell
11. Devilicious

Lizzy DeVine - Singer
Mats Wernerson - Bass
Kristian Solhaug - Guitar
Robin Nilsson - Drums

Indie Recordings
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