TENEBRES: Release Uncensored Video "Cry in Serenity."

Tenebres is a Romanian Black/Gothic Metal band with Symphonic & Doom metal influences put into […]
March 2, 2019

Tenebres is a Romanian Black/Gothic Metal band with Symphonic & Doom metal influences put into evidence by the use of cello, keyboards & clean/growl voice parts. The band strongly started their activity in the year 2016. Focusing primarily on concerts and festivals.

In 2017 the band released it's first official video entitled Pain Eternal, appearing in many metal based news websites from different countries including: Finland, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Bulgaria - being received very well. Shortly after Tenebres released their first album also entitled Pain Eternal. With this release the band organised their own national tour entitled Tour of the Dark Front - consisting of 30 concerts. In this tour the band performed alongside many local bands,

in almost all the big venues in Romania. The band also hired pyrotechnic teams, and in two instances performed live with a quartet & choir - Releasing two live videos in this manor - the biggest feat was a cover of My Dying Bride the song My Hope, The Destroyer which Tenebres adapted it to be played with the choir & quartet - thus gaining MDB's attention.

MDB acknowledged and distributed the live video. It is now 2019 and recently a new official uncensored video was released for the song Cry in Serenity depicting the Greek myth of Hades & Persephone in a reinterpreted way. Tenebres are currently organizing a new tour and are working on new material. A new official live video is on the way - consisting of a cover of Virgin Black - Our Wings Are Burning song, again in a orchestral version.

Today, they release a new video for "Cry in Serenity:"

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