TELOCH: Set Release Date For "Thus Darkness Spake" Album On May 20th, 2016 | Reveal First "Obliteration" Single

Saturnal Records is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Teloch, Thus Darkness […]
March 6, 2016

Saturnal Records is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Teloch, Thus Darkness Spake, set for international release on May 20th.

In a country already rich with black metal, Finland's Teloch offer a unique and extremely personal twist to their homeland's prevailing paradigm. Formed in 2007 by J.R. (Blood Red Fog, ex-Verge), Sota (Saturnian Mist, ex-Verge), T.I. and J.K., the band recorded only one demo, Towards Perdition, which was released that same year. Two years later, in 2009, Teloch released their debut album, Morbid Prayer, which garnered acclaim in the black metal underground. After the release of Morbid Prayer, the band hid in shadows for some years to prepare a new mini-album. Unleashed in 2012, Descent-Ascend continued Teloch's upward trajectory - just like the mini-album's title - expanding their themes of left-hand-path religious mysticism with a bolder vision of black metal, and in the process garnering even more acclaim. During this time, the band excelled in the live arena, playing often (unlike most black metal bands) and receiving high praise from local crowds. Longtime bassist Vomor left the band in 2012 and was replaced by V.L., known from Blood Red Fog first as a session member but joining the band fulltime soon after.

Alas, six years after the debut album, Teloch slowly but surely began working on new material. In January 2015, the band signed to Finnish label Saturnal Records and entered to Blackvox Studio later that year to finish the job. And finally, it is here in the form of Thus Darkness Spake. Continuing the progression brought forth by Descent-Ascend, the ever-aptly titled Thus Darkness Spake deepens Teloch's dialect with a greater focus on nuanced dynamics and subtly twisting songwriting. Just as blearily emotive as its predecessor, Thus Darkness Spake brims with a newfound clarity that illuminates these dark, dank corridors of quintessentially Finnish black metal, hook-heavy as it is teeth-gnashing. The recording likewise sparkles whilst emitting all the grit and grime for which Finnish black metal is known: it is the pitch-perfect counterpart to the album's contents, and further proof that "underground" doesn't necessarily equate to "unprofessional."

Teloch has always acted as a vessel of self-expression for its members and shall continue to do so without any limits or predetermined directions. Each member brings their own ingredients to the table, and Thus Darkness Spake is poignant proof of this. It is a sonic alchemy of death, which will be continued on the live front upon the album's release. The first preview of Thus Darkness Spake can be heard/viewed HERE with a teaser video for "Obliteration." Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

"Thus Darkness Spake" Track Listing:

1. Currents
2. Obliteration
3. Ablution
4. Towards Perdition
5. Ascending Thrones And Stars
6. Thus Darkness Spake
7. Stirring Fire
8. Hymni Tulelle

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