TAINTED LADY: Present New Single "Hey Mr. Music Man."

TAINTED LADY, one of the most influential classic rock bands in Denmark, are back with […]
August 27, 2019

TAINTED LADY, one of the most influential classic rock bands in Denmark, are back with a sophomore album 'Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War' from which they present their third single 'Hey Mr. Music Man'. Watch the video above.

Drawing inspirations from different eras of rock, these guys always aim at refining their old-school style to give their songs as much of a personal voice as possible, which will be evident when listening to their coming record. "For our second studio album, 'Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War', we aimed at amplifying and building on the strengths of our band. Aside from the obvious rock influences, this time our love for the 60's folk musicians and their craftsmanship in songwriting seeped into the album as well. That inspiration started appearing early on in the writing phase, especially because we had a lot to say lyrically, just like a lot of the songs from that era had. The lyrics and themes are very much interconnected throughout the album, and the songs were written to be heard in sequence", the band elaborates

'Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War' has been recorded at Medley Studios and produced by Søren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Jesper Binzer) and will be available this fall on October 18th.

Their newest single 'Hey Mr. Music Man' is now available on all streaming platforms.




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