SUPREMA: featured around the world with the "Traumatic Scenes" album

SupreMa featured around the world with the "Traumatic Scenes" album During the first semester SupreMa […]
November 21, 2013

SupreMa featured around the world with the "Traumatic Scenes" album
During the first semester SupreMa has released their new album "Traumatic Scenes" and definetely conquered the fans and media around the world.
The band has been frequently mentioned in articles in European magazines and websites and has received good comments about their most recent release. Read some of them below:

Review by Brazilian rock portal Whiplash": 9/10
"A prog metal class made by a very solid team"
Review by Brazilian rock site Consultoria do Rock
"Tramatic Scenes came to show the maturity of the band after several tours in Brazil"
Review by European metal site Metal Temple: 9/10
"These guys from São Paulo did an amazing job on their debut album"
Review by Danish metal site Power of Metal: 87/100
"'Burning My Soul' has a powerful rhythm section and intelligently placed guitar solos"
Review by Italian rock site Rock Metal Essence: 88/100
"this wonderfull production sounds very full-bodied and enveloping, and the songwriting among the best heard in this 2013"
Review by Austrian metal site Stormbringer: 4/5
"It is really exciting how sovereign all is composed and arranged"
Review by American metal site DangerDog: 3,5/5
"Nearly every song offers a galloping pace with some thrash nuances giving them a heavier sound"
Review by American website Sea of Tranquility: 3,5/5
"the guitars are particularly impressive throughout (CD) especially on the opening of Dark Journey"
Review by Brazilian metal site Arte Metal: 8,5/10
"The Power/Prog Metal presented by the band is worthy of grown ups"
Review by Brazilian metal site Metal Samsara: 9/10
"the final work sounds solid and cohesive, meaning, the most important is the music and not individual exhibitions"
Review by Spanish metal site The Sentinel
"We've heard powerful and mighty metal riffs"

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