SUN OF THE DYING: To Release New Album "The Earth is Silent."

Spanish death/doom newcomers SUN OF THE DYING will release their second album, The Earth Is […]
October 1, 2019

Spanish death/doom newcomers SUN OF THE DYING will release their second album, The Earth Is Silent, with AOP Records on November 29th. Today, the band has unveiled the record's first track, "Monolith," which is streaming now.


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"With "Monolith," Sun of the Dying pays homage to H.P. Lovecraft's "At The Mountains Of Madness". It's a long, epic journey through Doom Metal. From the deepest calm of the sea to the fiercest snowstorm, from the heaviest riffs and orchestral arrangements to fragile melodies and a soaring jazz section." - SUN OF THE DYING


AOP Records (EU-Store)
AOP Records (US-Store)

SUN OF THE DYING crafts a style of death and doom with its roots drawing influence from early acts like MY DYING BRIDE, PARADISE LOST and ANATHEMA, and adding a more modern sound inspired by the likes of SHAPE OF DESPAIR, AHAB and SWALLOW THE SUN.

SUN OF THE DYING began in 2013 as a side project between Casuso and Lavín from their main bands (APOCYNTHION and CRYSTALMOORS). In April of 2017, the band released their debut record, "The Roar of the Furious Sea," with the mexican label Throats Productions, and after which they performed shows with OCELON, ADE, TRONO DE SANGRE, MALAMMAR and ATREXIAL and WOMB.

Now the SUN OF THE DYING returns with a breathtaking and ferocious follow up, The Earth Is Silent; a bleak and beautifully chaotic record of some of the best death/doom to come out of Spain in years.


Eduardo Guilló ' vocals
Casuso ' guitars
Roberto Rayo ' guitars
José Yuste ' bass
Diego Weser ' drums
David Muñoz ' keyboards and backing vocals

The Earth Is Silent Track Listing:

The Earth Is Silent
A Dying Light
A Cold Unnamed Fear
When The Morning Came
White Skies and Grey Lands

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