SUMPTUS IGNIS: Releases New Lyric Video for "Red Dawn Retribution"

Progressive metal duo SUMPTUS IGNIS (Sum-tus Ig-nis) has released a single and lyric video for […]
March 27, 2019

Progressive metal duo SUMPTUS IGNIS (Sum-tus Ig-nis) has released a single and lyric video for their newest song "Red Dawn Retribution". Blended from power metal, doom, and progressive death metal, "Red Dawn Retribution" comes hot on the heels of their first full-length album Ambition.

SUMPTUS IGNIS formed in South Florida in 2016 by Joshua Wojtaszek and Bryn Schurman as a side project of IDENTITY COLLAPSE. They crystallized around the idea of fusing various flavors of extreme metal with industrial electronica, ambient synths, and progressive rock bombast. Multi-instrumentalists both, Josh and Bryn wanted to compose songs for this new project with a more cinematic approach, and without getting boxed into the roles of their previous bands.

"Red Dawn Retribution" features a number of guest performers. Andrew Bosko (DISAPPEARANCE) provides the blistering bass, Joshua Williams (SILURA) shreds the second solo section, and SILURA's production guru Richard Perdomo beefed up the tone with additional engineering and an infusion of killer guitar tone. Soaring vocals by long-time contributor Jessy Sparks rounds out the package.

Fans of heavy and progressive music of all stripes will find much to enjoy in Red Dawn Retribution. For fans of UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, DARK TRANQUILITY, AYREAON, A SOUND OF THUNDER, SWALLOW THE SUN, and EPICA.

1. Red Dawn Retribution (7:04)

2. Red Dawn Retribution (Instrumental mix) (7:02)

Kyle Scott

Sumptus Ignis
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