STRIKKEN: Release New Album "According To Purpose"

"According to Purpose - sophomore album from this exciting band that has the audacity to […]
December 4, 2014

"According to Purpose - sophomore album from this exciting band that has the audacity to combine the intense majesty of power metal with the modern aggression of metalcore. Great heavy grooves abound and the mixture of clean and death vocals work extremely well together." '

Ohio's capital continues to be a breeding ground to a hodgepodge of musical talent. Rich and diverse in its artistic tapestry, many bands have come through this city to grace its various stages. Recently, one band has risen with the potential to shine yet another bright light on such a great city.

Columbus melodic prog/metalcore outfit STRIKKEN recently released their new album, According To Purpose. Order it today via CD Baby and receive your copy for just $7.99: - or order via Amazon and iTunes.

According To Purpose serves as a heavy-hitting follow up to their 2011 full length, Long Story Short, which received two award nominations upon its arrival ' "Best Metal Album" at the Independent Music Awards and "Best Heavy Metal Album of 2011" at the Columbus Music Awards. Shortly after, their track 'Ashes' was named the #26 "Most Downloaded" track on Rockband in 2012. With this impressive list of accolades as a launching pad, According To Purpose stands to make an even greater impact.

Vocalist Ryan Henry states, "Our style of music has vastly changed between our last album, Long Story Short, and our new album, According to Purpose. At our core we remain the same ' determined to deliver great, hard hitting passionate music. However, the music and writing process has matured considerably. This record stems from a far greater spiritual center with focus on the depravity of the world around us, yet with hope and resolution. The music is far more elaborate and fluid than the last record while remaining true to the style that has defined STRIKKEN."

This history of STRIKKEN begins in 2010, when guitarist brothers Michael and Josh Enyart, drummer Steve Cotton, bassist Josh Burden and vocalist Ryan Henry came together for a project inspired by their favorite metal bands. Now, with successful releases boasting no backing from a label, plus new bassist John Collins and new drummer Kyle Smith joining the fold, the band is re-energized and ready to show the world the beauty and power of these 12 new songs on According To Purpose.

For more information on STRIKKEN, please visit these websites:

Michael Enyart - Guitar/ Vox
Kyle Smith - Drums
Ryan Henry - Vocals
Josh Enyart - Guitar/ Vox
John Collins - Bass

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