STILLBIRTH: Release Album Art and Track List for Annihilation of Mankind

Long running slamming death-grind monsters STILLBIRTH have announced an August 31st release date for their […]
June 21, 2018

Long running slamming death-grind monsters STILLBIRTH have announced an August 31st release date for their crushing fifth album, and Unique Leader debut, Annihilation of Mankind. The explosive, unrelentingly fast, and massively heavy 12 track album shows the group writing the best and most exciting material of their nearly 20 year career.

The group collectively described the album as, "Annihilation of Mankind will be released on the mighty Unique Leader Records and marks a huge milestone in STILLBIRTH's history! The album that is waiting to be unleashed is faster, harder, with more brutality and more groove than anything we have done before."

Annihilation of Mankind track listing -

1. Fictional Entertainment
2. Enemy of the Enemy
3. Hypnotized by Lies
4. Psychological Manipulation
5. Firststrike
6. Highest of Malice
7. Torturized
8. Plague of Warfare
9. Torn Apart
10. Nuclear Stench
11. The Sky Turns Black
12. Annihilation of Mankind

Pre-orders bundles will be announced in the coming weeks. Expect more news from STILLBIRTH very soon.


Lukas Swiaczny - Vocals
Dominik "Pumpa" Koenig - Bass, Vocals
Dr. Jan Weidemann - Guitar
Martin Grupe - Drums

STILLBIRTH was formed in 1999 by vocalist Lukas Swiaczny and since the release of their first album Happy Stillbirth Party in 2002, they have cemented themselves as a fixture in the European slam and death metal worlds. The group has released 4 albums and shared the stage across Europe and North America with heavyweights such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, CARNIFEX, CEPHALICCARNAGE, VADER, and many others.

In 2015 the group released their third album Global Error which received massive praise from fans and led to some of the highest profile tour STILLBIRTH had done to date. The release eventually caught the attention of Unique Leader who signed the band to a worldwide deal in 2017.

Kyle Scott

Unique Leader Records
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